Lifted Butt Series #8 / Mobility Drills #6

Forgot to post this yesterday. Ended up having a pretty good time last night. Picked up some beer, hung out watching Ch finish up some deck repair, and then we went out for burgers. Came home & watched some The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. A Brit friend suggested it after I’d mentioned Grand Designs on FB. The latter makes me chuckle because it’s all about privileged people achieving their dreams. When the host tries to make you nervous about what will happen when muffy and buffy run into financial constraints, you can rest assured the answer will be “ask the parents for some money”.

Anyway… will post this and carry on with the morning’s caffeination.


Warm-up: Jump rope 10/30×6=4min

Lifted Butt Series #8

√, √, √ Time = a hair under 28min.

  • Ladder: 20 – 30 – 40. One leg bridge Sandbag, heavy weight – on floor. I didn’t do alt legs. Did full round on the 20 & then switched. Then I split the rounds in half.
  • Ladder: 10/10 – 8/8 – 6/6: Surrender to Side Kick (x2) (Just coming down to sit on back of calf & right back up. When done, extend the moving leg out to the side to start the side jump lunges) to Side Lunge Jump Up (x2) Do all the reps on 1 side and then the other. And these are KILLER, without any added weight. Was really glad this ladder was counting down. 1st rnd I set the kicking leg down straight back & did reg switch lunges rather than side, but that’s fine.
  • Figure 8 Squat Jumps x10 26lb kettlebell. Pass under. Grab w/ both hands, lower to squat & then jump.
  • One Arm KB Swing Ladder: 20 – 30 – 40 26lb kettlebell. Alt arms after each rep.

Buy out: Squat down / deadlift up x30 20s Somehow missed doing this first so I did it as a buy-out. That’s probably good as I was using over twice the weight as Zuzka. I did 1/2 w/ the squat first & then the reverse for 2nd half. 


I was going to do another Zuzka strength set after this, but it was surprisingly challenging! Plus I didn’t really need to exercise today, in terms of my fitness quota. I’d been thinking to maybe take the day off in fact! So I decided to try one from a series I hadn’t sampled yet, and I was really happy I did because it’s focused on upper back & shoulders, for wheel / Urdhva D.

Mobility Drills #6 (upper back & shoulders)

  1. Rocking Table (shoulders forward then roll them back) x 12
  2. Twisting Bear x 12
  3. Seated Shoulder Extension Walks (hands behind the back touching) x 8
  4. Seal Rocks x 12 reps
  5. Plow Traps Stretch x40 sec This was actually a karna pidasana! I did 10 breaths in halasana first, as I actually have a tight neck this week. It’s been a little tight from sleeping on it wrong, or too long in one position maybe. 
  6. Half Superman x 12
  7. Wall Supported Chest and Shoulder Stretch x 40 sec
  8. Shoulder Capsule Stretch (laying face down, knee up on the same side) x 40 sec each side
  9. Handstand Shoulder Stretch (facing the wall, pushing the chest towards the wall) x 10 reps In a ½ pike
  10. Legs Elevated Wheel Pose x20 sec Your feet are on the blocks here, and you want to be able to extend them, aka viparita dandasana (I should just be doing that pose again, regularly, honestly.) So you start w/ your butt not as close to your feet as you would if you were planning to walk your hands in & stand up.
  11. Legs Elevated Wheel Push Ups (x5) x2 sets
  12. Thread the needle floor stretch x30
  13. Uttana – about 30sec

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