Cardio Shred #36 & yoga


Cardio Shred #36

x2 rounds. Time = 29:50Super intense. I’d have balked before 3 rounds of this! 

  1. Wall plank to ballerina twist & jump squat x10 Start w/ feet on wall in pike handstand. Jump to squat on toes. Jump up to twisted position & back down. Other side. Stay on balls of feet. Holy quad death!
  2. KB Step up (knee up) / pass under x10/10 26lb kettlebell, held @ chest w/ both hands during step up. When u step back down, moving leg goes into lunge & pass under. Do all reps one side then the other.
  3. JR high knees – 1minute. Single interval of 10/60.
  4. Frog slide (x3) / DB overhead press / slide back push up x10 20s. Only balls of feet on sliders. Heels are on ground for clean & OH press. I did 2 outside hands, wide slide-ins and then one straight in, to plant the heels after for the lift.
  5. Low jack to plank jack push up (with powerband) x10 ppl band


  • Mostly single 10/60 intervals, non vinyasa. Some 10/30 on the back bending. I did the Urdhva D to standing and 3 drop backs anyway, also Astanga finishing.



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