Weighted Total Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

HIIT Circuit: 5/30 (2x) @ 5:08
1. Criss Cross Jacks 10lbs
2. Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift Hands behind head, twisting.
3. Walk Out to Plank Push-up
4. Roll Up w/Overhead pull 10lbs, starting on butt on floor. 2nd rnd – Changed this to OH pull, coming fwd to feet & jumping up.
5. Alternate Jump Side Lunges
6. Staggered Hand Burpees w/ jump change (BodyRock style) Push-up to Push Back Got the staggered push-up but just made the move a little more dynamic & plyo.

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds @ 12:22. Excellent, challenging set
1. Right Leg Plank – L. Knee Crunch to Glute Lift 12x feet elevated, 5lb ankle weights
Then Left Leg Bulgarian 12x 15s. 1st rnd – SA press up, same arm as elevated foot. This was a really challenging, double-faceted set of moves, w/ the 5lbs on extended legs. Also balance is also challenging on Bulgarians. 2nd & 3rd rnds didn’t do the SA press-ups.
2. Left Leg Plank – R. Knee Crunch to Glute Lift 12x
Then Right Leg Bulgarian 12x 15s. 
3. Plank row both sides to squat & OH press 10x 20s Even w/out the dble push-up that Julia would include in each manmaker rep, this move still takes me a long time w/ 20s.
4. Overhead Slam to Burpee Plank Jack 10x 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell / 2nd & 3rd rnds – 20lb dumbbell

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds @ 28:23 Loved this set too.
1. Bicep Curl – V twist down turn to thigh 15x 10s
2. Heels Elevated – Squat (Band on Thighs) 12x BL sandbag Really interesting w/ heels elevated! I used the backs of my 10lb dumbbells.
3. Deadlift to Up-Right Row (Heels Elevated) 10x 15s
4. Kettlebell Swing 15x 45lbs

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds @38:39
1. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension 12x 10s w/ 2lb wrist weights
2. Right Heel Elevated – Deadlift to SL box sit back squat 10x 20lbs I can do pistols but they’re still hard and I wouldn’t want to add any weight, not even 10lbs.
3. Left Heel Elevated – Deadlift to sit back squat 10x 20lbs
4. Light Good Morning to Barbell Squat 10x 15s

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds @52:25
1. Runners Stomp Right (10x)/Runners Stomp Left (10x) Deep lunge, tap back foot in & back
2. 10x Plank Jack to Frog Hop
3. Right Side (twisted like suitcase lunge) Up-right row/Clean to chest – 10x. Press OH & surrender down & back up. Alt sides. 15s
4. (Alternate) Overhead Snatch – Weight to Floor 10x. Squat Hold to Glute Raise
5. Deep Squat to Alternate Reverse Cross Over Lunge 10x no weight

Bonus: Ab: 3 Circuits – 5/45 3 Rounds
Circuit 1:
1. 5lb weight Behind Right Knee – Reverse Crunch hold & Left knee crunch down
2.5lb weight Behind Left Knee – Reverse Crunch hold & right knee crunch down
3. Oblique Mountain Climbers

Circuit 2:
1. Right Foot Front Lunge – Crunch Elbow to Left Side
2. Left Foot Front Lunge – Crunch Elbow to Right Side
3. Plank Jack So beat here that I took M up on her suggestion to do plank tap outs rnds 2 & 3, b/c no! I didn’t really feel like anymore jumping! And I did them from forearms. And I didn’t do the 3rd circuit, lol.

Circuit 3.
1. Hold Back off Floor – Arms Overhead & row back squeeze
2. Hold Back off Floor – Arms to Sides Squeeze and raise
3. Legs off Floor – Glute Lift


About 16min


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