Two sets of HIIT and the beginning part of Astanga

Ya that was enough for today. Note to self: consuming a large bag of swedish fish in 5min, immediately before a workout, is probably not the best idea.


15 Minute Fat Burn #2

  • Vid is 15/45. Did once along w/ the video, to learn the moves, just b/c it quickly seemed like too much work to make good-enough notes to do from breakdown. Was going to do another round and then I thought, Why not revisit some HIITmax?
  1. Sumo squat jump and clap Start in sumo w/ arms straight out to the side. Jump up & clap hands together OH.
  2. Commando burpees Lower to belly. Come up & knee in. Repeat other side. Lower to belly a 3rd time, jump fwd & then up.
  3. Lunge jump / sumo squat / rockstar jump alt. legs
  4. Flying Scorpio Push Ups
  5. Single Leg V- Ups
  6. One Leg Surrender Jump Squat – left
  7. One Leg Surrender Jump Squat – right
  8. Everest Climbers (x3) to one leg push up
  9. Side jump lunge (x3) to front kick
  10. Side Plank Knee Tuck Burpees
  11. Jump Lunge to Side Kick
  12. Knee hug to plank jump
  13. Mat jumps
  14. Reverse Burpees
  15. Ab Splitters

HIITmax 1


  • Jump rope before every #d move
  1. Squat jumps 
  2. Dead lift, squat, alt lunges – 20s
  3. 10 high knees, 4 switch lunges – 10s
  4. Stationary lunge (down & up but don’t step forward – keep feet in one place) & shoulder press (same arm as leg) – 15s
  5. Other side
  6. Frogger
  7. Burpee / surfer – jump up from burpee into squat, jump up & change direction
  8. Tricep dips
  9. Step up on rack with one leg & kick straight out to the back with the other 10s Super cheat-y & light. Should’ve used at least 15s. 
  10. Other side
  11. Clean kettlebell to one shoulder, squat, put it down, push-up, tuck jump – changing sides 26lb bell Move too complex for 30sec. Change to alt clean & squat / stand.
  12. Swings 45lb bell


Suryas & standing fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary.



























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