Unintended rest day

I got into this sneezy / sinus-y thing last night and then stayed up until midnight watching Netflix. Woke up feeling kind of crap, both fat and with sore throat, plus low energy. I feel a bit better now but the day sort of got away from me, and so I let it. Back at it tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately that finally, at 51.5, I can definitely see I’m slowing down. Finally, I don’t always want to do the most advanced and intense form of physical exercise I can find. Julia’s workouts are now way beyond me. Even if I had access to powerblocks and barbells, I would be willing or able to go as heavy as her, never mind the fact that I could never quite match her pace, in lots of moves.

(Still fitter than either of those two haters in their 30s I’ve just parted ways with!)

I’d really like to keep my Zgym membership but I can’t really justify it, so I’ll most likely cancel on the 13th, right before the next renewal. Or I dunno, maybe one more month. I do like her style, and the way she incorporates jump rope and a pull-up bar. But not necessities must go.


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