Summer Body Supersets & Tabata pt 2

Picked up from where I left off yesterday, basically. Was tired though, because of that “when in Rome”, or in this case Podunk, think last night.


Summer Body Supersets & Tabata pt 2

  • Wonder if I’ll ever be in the mood to finish a Julia or Michele in one go again! Time on this 2nd part 31:39.

1. Box squat forward Lunge 6/leg BL sandbag.
2. Decline plank hop shoulder tap

Tabata HIIT (10/20×20=10min) Do each move 4x before moving on.
1. (19-18-17-16) Squat drop weight box jump 26 & 35lb kettlebells = changing their sides 1/2 way thru 
2. (15-14-13-12) DL plank hop squat jump sandbag – the handles are really too long for me with DLs but thought I’d give it a try.
3. (11-10-9-8) Weighted heel clicks + bi curl 15s Heel click upright & with hands on floor, then bicep curl
4. (7-6-5-4) Clean and press burpee 20s
5. (3-2-1-0 )Bench lateral up and over + leg lift

SS4: 4x 12 reps √, √, √, √
1. Tricep push-up + plank jack and plank tuck jump
2. Chest press leg drop 20s. Here’s a place I wouldn’t want to go any heavier! On bench w/ full range of “down motion”, 4 sets of 12 was challenging.


10/30×14 – 2x w/ 20sec extra break in bet – 19min

  1. Forearm plank w/ pelvis tuck
  2. Plank Bear crawl donkey kicks, alt My right knee is more sore than I’d thought! It hurt to support my body weight with one leg in a bear crawl so I had to change to plank. Guess I’m going to have to rest it up a bit.
  3. Side plank hip dips & reach unders 5lbs
  4. other side
  5. Russian twists 15lbs. Keep feet on floor
  6. Reverse curls 3lbs / 5lbs
  7. Straight abs, toes under weights
  8. Oblique crunches
  9. Other side
  10. Crab elbow to knee & then touch foot, alt
  11. Rev plank leg lifts
  12. Crunch C-sit, sort of, hands on floor, crunch raising slightly bent legs, not touching down
  13. Pendulum, on floor, 3lbs
  14. Elevated feet, alt foot touchdowns

Did like 2min of stretching after. Ya, ya I know…















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