Cardio Shred #24 & Killer Legs #11

No stats today! I started & realized after the buy-in I’d forgotten to put on my monitor. Since I was undecided about working out tonight at all I thought “NBD”.

About 75min total.

Cardio Shred #24

I think I started right at 6:05, only an hour after eating, lol. Still fine.

Buy in:

  1. 1min high knees with jump rope
  2. 1min Pinca Mayurasana handstand


  1. Renegade Push Up Ladder: 10, 9, 8. 20s. Row each arm. Push-up. Jump fwd to clean & press up.
  2. Jump Tuck x10
  3. Pistol Squat 10 alt. Was worried the knees would’t want this, but just w/ body weight was ok.
  4. Competition Burpees Ladder: 10, 15, 20 I did 15, 15, 15.

Buy out:

  1. 1min high knees with jump rope
  2. 1min Pinca Mayurasana handstand

Killer Legs #11

+2lb ankle weights

1. Fondue Arabesque Attitude Battement x 16 / Arabesque Attitude One Leg Demi Plie Eleve x 16 / Arabesque Battement x 16 – on each leg
2. First Position Releve (x8) / Grand Plie Pulses (x8) X 4 sets on each leg
3. One Leg Curtsy to Releve / A La Sebesque Kick X 16 reps on each leg

~Cardio & Weights~

1. OBulgarian x 10 / 10 26lb bell, held on same side as elevated leg
2. Jump Lunge (x2) Side Kick x 10/10
3. Deadlift to Side Step Squat x 10 45lb bell & orng band, but ppl band would’ve been better
4. Jump Jack Squat Heel Lift x 20 Moved orng band below knees as per vid, but next time do w/ orng band above knees – no slipping & is enough resistance, or if not ppl would be.

Did some of Z’s stretching after and veered off into my own thing.



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