Recovery WO

Wish I’d chosen an upper body & abs inferno by Z for my 2nd set, but whatever. I got something in for today and that’s all that matters.


21 Minute HIIT: Full Body Workout

  • 10/50×21=21min. Liked this a lot except for the yoga moves. I’d rather do the yoga @ the end. But this was all I was up for anyways, as I’m still a bit under the weather. Melissa said she aims for 120 jumps in a set! I mess up more feet together, but the most I did was like 90-something. Did jogging style a few of the sets too b/c easier for me.
  1. Jump Rope
  2. Deadlift
  3. Quadruped Leg Raise
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Warrior Deadlift (right) 35lb kettlebell
  6. Warrior Deadlift (left)
  7. Dive Bombers
  8. Jump Rope
  9. Bulgarian (right) 35lb kettlebell, same arm as elevated foot
  10. Other side
  11. Plank Walkouts Added a push-up
  12. Jump Rope
  13. Lunge Pulse Press (right) 20s
  14. Lunge Pulse Press Curl (left) Had grabbed the 20s which are too heavy for curls, for me.
  15. Superman
  16. Jump Rope
  17. Plank Cross Row with Floor Tap 20
  18. Folded Twist
  19. Jump Rope
  20. Curtsy Lunge (alternating) 20s
  21. Pigeon Stretch (alternating)

Standing Core + Glutes Workout

  • 10/50×12=12min. This was really too easy, even for a recovery WO. Considered doing a Zuzka set after & paused the timer. Then decided to just call today a recovery WO & do a few stretches. 
  1. Swaying Goddess-Right
  2. Swaying Goddess-Left
  3. Tip Toe Single Leg Pulse-Right
  4. Tip Toe Single Leg Pulse-Left
  5. Tick Tock Goddess-Right
  6. Tick Tock Goddess-Left
  7. Trunk Rotation
  8. Back Stretch to Flat Back
  9. Star Tap-Right
  10. Star Tap-Left
  11. Leg Abduction/Rotation-Right I really felt this one, in the thighs, b/c of the last two days’ WOs. 
  12. Leg Abduction/Rotation-Left

A few minutes of yoga to close.


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