BodyRock Strength & Fat Burn 40 & a very quick Zuzka set

I really think my Wahoo TICKR is on its way out. Granted this was another very moderate, “just to get the blood moving a bit” WO, but a 108 average?

Without a gym, a coach, or workout buddies, I’ve really relied on my stats and blogging notes to keep myself motivated. Wonder if I’ll be able to keep going without a monitor. Guess it doesn’t matter that much.


BodyRock Strength & Fat Burn 40

  • 15/50×10 w/ 1min rest in midde = 22:40min
  1. Low squat jacks
  2. ½ burpee off end of bench & then box jump up & down
  3. Side lunge, one side 35lb kettlebell. Lisa does a pivot & press out here. 
  4. Other side
  5. Rev lunge w/ bicep curl alternated w/ pushing weights out in front / DL 15s
  6. Other leg
  7. Elevated side plank, bottom leg lifting Lisa does a SA side plank jump.
  8. Other side
  9. Alt SA swings 26lb kettlebell
  10. One arm tricep / one arm wide-reg push-up w/ knee in (same side as tricep arm)

    (1min rest)

  11. Other side
  12. Rev lunge w/ bicep curl. Do lateral raise back in lunge. Step fwd w/ knee-up. 10s
  13. Other side / leg.
  14. Curtsy lunge on bench w/ knee up (elbow to knee), out to the side a bit 15s
  15. Other side
  16. Rev lunge. Come back, keeping leg off floor & then drop to a tricep sort of pike push-up. Walk hands back to foot & repeat.
  17. Other side
  18. Squat, reaching up OH, w/ alt rev lunge 5s
  19. Woodchop 15s. Lisa does a rev alt fwd lunge w/ chops & OH weight. I cut out a the moving / pivoting lunges to be more careful w/ my right knee.
  20. Other side

Did the nice abs burnout along w/ the video. I think the intervals are 10/30 but she doesn’t say. I’d had them detailed out but forgot to save the draft before I closed my other computer.

Upper Body & Abs Inferno #8

  • Hadn’t previewed this beyond the first move so there was some stops & starts. I only did the first part, not the stretching part she repeats in this series. This one wasn’t the best w/out the ball. 

1. Dynamic push up / elbows bend plank hip side to side / elbows bend plank leg lift (each leg) x6

2. Leg raise / side to side knee tuck / pull up x5 I had to put my feet down on the floor before the pull-up. (At least I can do pull-ups w/ no assistance band I guess.)

3. One leg on the slider ball forward pike roll to back roll shoulder stretch x 6 alt. legs Couldn’t really do the shoulder stretch part w/out the ball.

4.  Three chin ups x 3

5. Plank slide forward to tippy toe wide legged forward bend / Reptile push up x8

6. Ball supported roll forward one leg lift into a handstand x 2 alt. legs x3



















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