Cardio Pyramid Countdown Workout

Either my resting HR has dropped or my monitor is on the fritz, but whatever. Maybe it’s a bit of both? I think probably the latter tho b/c I noticed it “all of a sudden”.



Cardio Pyramid Countdown Workout

Part 1: AMRAP @ 4:20
Right side Lunge, clean to chest – Around the world to Plie squat w/2x Sumo Jack /Turn front reverse lunge with overhead press (Repeat on left side) 15lbs

Part 2: 20, 15, 10, 5 (Go down/up) The note of “repeat 1 more time” in the breakdown made me think this set was gonna be twice as long as it was!!
1. Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift 1st rnd – ppl band & 10s. Dropped to orng band after
2. V-Bicep Curl/Touch behind tricep kickback 10s except for 10 & 5 rep rounds, then 15s
3. Jump Lunge w/Overhead Pull 5s
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Bicycle Crunch Right/Twist to right side 1st rnd – 10lbs. Tough. Dropped to 5s for the rest of it. The two sides back to back made it v challenging.
6. Bicycle Crunch Left /Twist to Left side
7. Overhead Press to Chest Press (hold) Press Overhead (palms face in) 1st rnd – 15s. Mistake! Too heavy. Hadda pause after & wrote some notes.
8. Squat w/Overhead Tricep Extension 10s. I’d change this to squat & tri press back next time (and did on v last round), just b/c the OH tricep makes my left, wonky elbow click, and I can’t get that low in the squat w/ the distraction of trying to avoid that.
9. Right Leg Single Leg Squat (Down) Arms Touch in Front of Chest (Up) Arms side
10. Left Leg Single Leg Squat (Down) Arms Parallel w/Floor pull back (Up) Press Front

Part 3: 5 minute AMRAP @ 36:48
Dumbbell Cross Hand Plank Walk (Hold) 5x Plank Jack -Side Plank Raise – Hop feet in to chair sit – 2x Thigh Burner Squat then hop to plank (Repeat other way) 5s

Part 4: 5, 10, 15, 20 (Go Down/Up) @ 43:27
1. Reverse Lunge Kick Front to Jump Switch Lunge This move & the tricep plank things to the glute lifts were really confusing w/out preview! But it didn’t matter. I was flagging so took another break after the 10s and then did it “however” w/ breakdown for last 2 rounds.
2. Right Side Lunge to Kick Front 10lbs, dropping to 5s on the last, longest round
3. Left side Lunge to Kick Front 10lbs
4. Plank Hold – Right Tricep Kickback
5. Left side Plank – 1/2 Side Plank Glute Lift
6. Plank Hold – Left Tricep Kickback
7. Right Side Plank – 1/2 side plank Glute lift
8. Malasana Squat to Deadlift (Heels elevated) W/out a preview, I picked up only 10lbs for the 5 rep round, lol. Then 15 and that was well enough for this long of a WO. But doing this set alone, I think I’d use my 26lb kettlebell
9. Side Jump Lunges
10. Bent Over – Close Row to Wide Flye 10s

Bonus: Abs 5/45 2x @1:07
1.Right Side Plank – Crunch Top Knee in & tap foot behind to floor
2. Left side Plank – Crunch Top Knee in & tap foot behind to floor
3. Oblique Mountain Climbers
4. Left Side – V-up Crunch to Knee Crunch
5. Hold Side – Crunch Top Knee in w/Bottom Elbow
6. Right Side – V-up Crunch to Knee Crunch
7. Hold Side – Crunch Top Knee in w/Bottom Elbow
8. Plank – Crunch Opposite Knee to Opposite Elbow then Same Knee to same elbow
9. Elbow Plank – Side toe Taps
10. Hyperextensions

Some stretching. I like the vid play, just to feel like I had company, but did my own thing as usual.


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