#TitanUpin30 + HIIT Week 1 Challenge, some tabata & some yoga

I don’t normally film my WOs anymore, b/c I exercise in a very small & cluttered space, but Julia’s having a contest & the prize is $600 to spend at a fitness site. Not that I’m counting on being lucky enough to win – given the way my luck’s been in Provincial Podunk – but it’s the only way my broke ass would have access to things I’ve been craving, like a barbell, some plates and an adjustable plyo bench.

I’ve been devoted to fitness for decades, and I don’t have a coach, a gym or yoga studio or even real life exercise buddies. You’d think the universe might throw me a bone? LOL.

My strictly ghetto “incline bench”.

After the contest set I did an 8min Tabata from Zuzka, seeing as now even $9 a month is too expensive and not only can I not join Julia’s Patreon, but I’m going to have to cancel my Zgym tomorrow too!


#TitanUpin30 + HIIT Week 1 Challenge

  • My time was 37. I gave myself 5 extra seconds transition time in the HIIT, as I like to do to not miss seconds from the working intervals, and it took me a bit to set up the camera & move shit around in my small space. Second round of chest press I realized I must’ve scooted my bench a bit closer to the wall doing the decline burpees, b/d I kept hitting it! Had to angle the weights way in & still tapped the wall. Remembered to adjust for the 3rd round.

Circuit 1: 10 reps 4x Added 2lb wrist weights for 3rd & 4th rounds
1. Incline dumbbell press 15s. Picked up 20s for 4th rnd.
2. Incline SA chest fly 1st rnd – 13lbs ea hand (a 10 and a 3lb weight), 2=1. 2nd rnd – dropped to 10s, but 3rd & 4th had wrist weights on
3. SA kneeling DL clean to press 20 – turn to the side in lunge, knee coming to floor. Come fwd & squat, stand & press up. 5&5 (1=1)

HIIT: 50:15 3x, 16:15min

1. Plank hop Ninja jump to alt SA snatch 20. I can’t do ninja jumps. Closest I can get is rolling over my feet, but it’s not that dynamic and, more importantly, often tweaks out my knees.
2. Decline clean and press burpee 20s
3. Chest press leg lift 20s
4. Switch lunge SA clean and press 20s
5. Push press + alt curtsy lunge 20s. 

8 Minute Tabata #8

1. Jump Lunge
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Criss Cross Jump Squats
4. Burpee Jump Tuck
4 rounds


About 12min of my favorite restorative poses.


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