Summer Body Scorcher Pt 1 & some yoga

I hate working out in the morning, but we’re leaving midday to go to the coast & I had to get something in, just in case there’s no place to exercise at the hotel. I emailed them asking if there was any room around the pool, but they didn’t bother responding. I packed my HR monitor, sneakers and a jump rope. I’ll take my laptop… If there’s any space, I could maybe get in a no-equipment routine one of the days…

Here’s today’s! It’s just the first set of a recent Julia. Took her 37min. Took me 56, lol. I’m slow ANYway, but then since I’ve got limited weights, I take extra time putting on & taking off wrist weights, just so I can bump things up a LITTLE. I changed the single arm snatch to a SA clean & press up w/ my 26lb kettlebell tho. Got forearm guards for that b/c I got all bruised up doing it. w/out, when I first got it. 30 total reps each arm = not bad.


Summer Body Scorcher

Combo moves pyramids Evens 10-2 for each move before doing the next move, ex 10 DL, 10 plank hop, 10 squat jumps & go thru all the sets before moving to move 2.

  • My time: 56:04.

1. DL + plank hop + squat jumps 20s & 2lb wrist weights, rounds 10-6. 
2. Chest press + leg drops 20s + 2lb ankle weights. Keep legs at a slight angle during chest press to keep core engaged.
3. Step ups +rev lunge 20s. 10 LL step-ups & 10 LL rev lunge. Then 10 RL step-ups & 10 RL rev lunge, etc. 
4. Pushups + bent rows 20s.
5. SA clean & press up, alt 26lb kettlebell – considered halving but no. Put on my forearm guards for this. 
6. Weighted heel clicks + lateral raises 10s I didn’t notice the lat raise until I thought I was one w/ the 8rep round. So did 18 reps before moving onto last move of that round.
7. Dive bombers + box jump

I’ll do the rest of this some time next week

Regular pyramid 5-1 full reps each move. (Do 5 reps moves 1-3, then 4 etc.)
1. Clean and press + star jump
2. Decline shoulder taps + face melters 2 shlder taps & 2 melters (alt feet) = 1
3. Pike push-up + plank jack + bear row 

Tabata pairs
1. Pushups + bent rows
2. Alt SA snatches

1. Weighted heel clicks + lateral raises
2. Dive bombers + box jumps

Leg finisher from JTM Fit 3x
Dumbbell dL 10 reps
Front rack rev lunges 5/leg
Weighted squat jump 10 reps



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