#TitanUpin30 + Tabata Week 2 Challenge

When I started, I was glad I’d carried most of my equipment downstairs the day before, even if it does look like this. I had to back up the camera more with this moves, and I cannot do that upstairs.

This is why I live upstairs 95% of the time! The dog people do not so much like cleaning up after the dogs, and are somehow ok with hanging out in that.


Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope

#TitanUpin30 + Tabata Week 2 Challenge

Challenge Moves
1. 5 plyo push ups hands & feet leave the ground. I did these Nakrasana style (see Ashtanga).
2. 10 SA plank-hop to box jumps 5/arm
3. 10 plyo box planks alternating toe taps and plank hops Feet elevated. Touch foot to opp hand, both sides, then wide plank hop.

Time pyramid: 6 minutes: @3:45. ea interval is a dif length & I don’t know how to set up my timer for that, so I had to follow along w/ vid for this set.
1. Manmakers 20s
2. DL + clean and press 20s If I could just win this damned contest I could get a barbell & some plates!!!

Challenge Moves – 2

Tabata pair: 4 minutes
1. Decline burpee back fly 10s (would use 12s if I had ’em.
2. Step up rev lunge and switch 15s (going light here b/c right knee)

Challenge Moves – 3

Tabata time pyramid @ 20:05
1. Clean and split lunge press-up (alt legs) 15s
2. DL plank hop squat jump 35lb kettlebell & 26lb kettlebell? Can squat jump & 180 turn to keep alternating which side the weights are on

Challenge moves 20:10 4x each move @ 26:58 I had really bad for at the end but I did all the plyo push-ups on the ground, moving forward and then backward, astanga style.

Over the Gate & Up the Stair, to Linda’s Place We Go

The next part of my WO was getting the roughly 170lbs of equipment (151lbs weights, and manuka mat & laptop) back over the puppygate (see pictures of obstacle course below) and back up the stairs and down the hall. Not pictured: ladder blocking half the aisle and cat toys and other stuff in the narrow hall. Not too much storage up here! Plus we are ever so gradually working on repainting, which is desperately needed (unless you’re blind.)

You’ve gotta get yourself and your leg from the stool, over the gate and onto the block, which you have to slow down & think about if you’ve got full hands. Plus I know from experience if you step on the block wrong (right side pix) it can slip off the yoga blocks it’s placed on. Non bueno! But I’m glad that gate is there! Otherwise the entire house would look like a rodeo bar / squatters’ den.


After typing these notes I was like 56min in so decided not to do another set. Meh. I wanted to stretch & I’ve still gotta process upload & tag the video, for the contest entry. I did some non-vinyasa asana.

Gotta upload & process the video now, then look for music, tag & post yadda yadda. I’m like fucking Anne Hathaway in an Oscar campaign w/ this contest.





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