Crush that Total Body Workout

No wonder I wasn’t quite 100% in my WOs lately. I literally had an infection in my skull.

I’m so, so, so grateful to my main workout ladies, Michele and Julia. I don’t know what I’d do without them.


Crush that Total Body Workout

Warm-up: @ 1:45 ? maybe skip & do part 1 as a warm-up

Part 1: 15/45×9=9:45min @7:30
1. Plank, Updog, Pike & hop In to Clean & Press 20s No barbell! WANT barbell!
2. Overhead Shoulder Press 20s (1st rnd & 2nd, 10-12) This was a heavy weight 4 me for just presses. Rounds 2 & 3 counted reps for 2nd & 3rd move, to get thru them.
3. Kettlebell Swing 45lb kettlebell (1st rnd & 2nd, 25-25)

Part 2: 15/50×6=6:30 – (Repeat 3x’s) @ 16:54 √, √, √
1. Incline Push-up to Box Jump Hands on bench.
2. Incline Plank Rotation right then left to Push-up Tuck Box Jump 1st rnd – 10s. 2nd rnd – 15s. I wanted to do the side plank press-ups & be on the floor here
3. Surrender down, leg closest to bench – Step up knee-up, outside leg – Down to Criss Cross Jack, inside leg crossing in front Stand parallel to bench
4. Other side
5. Elbow Plank Jack 5x, Bring knee in to opp elbow, both sides. I added the knee-in/s b/c I didn’t wanna just plank jack the whole time!
6. Commando Plank Down/Up to Shoulder Tap

1. Jack w/right arm overhead pull 15x 10lbs. Jack out & reach dumbbell down toward floor. Jack in & weight goes up over head. Sort of a mini snatch.
2. Jack w/left arm overhead pull 15x
3. (Curl Position) Front Raise to Side Raise 15x 10s Couldn’t remember M’s position exactly so did my usual, arms only slightly bent. Probably harder w/ a longer lever. This was most challenging move of this reps set. 90 lifts with 10s here is a lot! This is one place I wouldn’t bump up to 12.
4. Dumbbell Burpee Push-up to Fwd Lunge w/Overhead press 10x 15s, Alt legs, 1=1
5. Front dumbbell Raise Front of chest/Squeeze & Row Back 15x 1st rnd -5 & a 3 in ea hand. Didn’t like holding onto the 3s w/ my thumbs tho. 2nd rnd – changed to 5s and 2lb wrist weights. That felt too easy & was only work on the eccentric lowering from front raise, @ end of each rep. [NEXT TIME – DO ALL ROUNDS LIKE THIS: 3rd rnd – changed this to assisted pull-ups, so I could hammer ’em out. Blue crossfit band.]

(Repeat from the beginning)

Paused the monitor here & took a longer break. Then joined in w/ the vid.

Part 3: Stopwatch @ 50:42 3X I thought this was ONE TIME, from the breakdown. Guess I missed something! When done the first round & M goes, “Now we’ve gotta do that two more times,”  I said, “WHAT????”, in tones of outraged incredulity.
1. Plant Left foot on yoga block Bench – Plies Squat to Front Bench Lunge 10x
2. Other side
3. Elbows Bent at chest (parallel to floor) Pulse in & open straight out 15x
4. Circle overhead and around lower to side 10x

Low Broad Jump Burpee Push-up to 4x bunny hop Duck Walk Back 8x These were particularly heinous, at this point. Upper body was spent.

Bonus: Abs 10/50 1 round @1:04 in vid. BTW I was at 1:21 on my monitor. Loved!!!
1. Right foot cross over left – Crunch upper body off floor
2. Right Leg Lift & Lower – hold upper body off floor
3. Both legs up Reverse Crunch
4. Crunch Knees in & Press legs out open wide
5. Left foot cross over right – crunch upper body off floor
6. Left leg lift & lower – hold upper body off floor
7. Both legs up Reverse Crunch
8. Crunch knees in & press legs out open wide
9 Flutter Kick
10. Hyperextensions

Time = 1:33


About 7min.


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