BodyRock – Ass, Thigh & Leg Workout, ass & thigh burnout, abs, yoga

This was good, a sort of moderate set. It was like 40min of real work, then a couple burnouts and some stretching. Felt good.


BodyRock – Ass, Thigh & Leg Workout

  • I did 15/50 & broke it into two halves, each set being 18:25. I liked using my 45 and 35lb kettlebells in the 2nd set. I’d add more of that next time.
  1. Box squat to jump: lower butt to bench & jump up ppl band
  2. Squat pulse x2 & stand BL sandbag
  3. Touch down: jack feet out & in, touching floor w/ fingertips ea time.
  4. Stationary pulse pulse x2. Come up & SA press-up (same arm as leg that’s extended backward 20. Might be easier to balance holding a 20 in the non working arm too. I had mine out to the side for balance this time.
  5. Switch lunge
  6. Other side, stationary pulse x2 & SA press-up
  7. Squat jump w/ alt rev lung jumps
  8. Step up & leg outOrng band. Next time, hold 10s. Stand parallel to bench, foot stays on bench. Lift non supporting leg out to the side on the up. Lisa does a SA press-up, but w/ my right knee thing I didn’t want to do too much stepping up w/ added weight, or anything involving balancing on one leg while stepping up.
  9. Step up & leg out: Other side
  10. Jumping side lunges, touching floor w/ fingertips of opp hand in middle Kept the banded sides together.
  11. Sump pulse x2 & stand BL sandbag
  12. Jump squat elbow to opp knee
  13. Bulgarian 15s Changed this move. Also 14 & 16.
  14. Jump rope
  15. Other side Bulgarian
  16. Jump rope
  17. SL box squats Alt sides. Normally I’d do one and then the other, but the break just happened to fall here & I though alt would be better in that case. I’m weaker on the left so went a smidge over to finish equal.


  1. Jump rope
  2. SL box squats Alt sides again.
  3. Fwd kicks (while jogging) & punching out w/ arms alt
  4. Step up & SA press up, opp hand, supporting leg’s foot stays in bench. Non working leg kicks to the back on the up & squeeze 20
  5. Swings 45lb kettlebell
  6. Step up & SA press up other side
  7. Jugglers
  8. Curtsy lunge w/ pulse x2. Come up & leg kicks out while same arm as moving leg presses up. 15lbs in press-up hand, 26lb kettlebell in the other
  9. Jumping alt side curtsies w/ a squat in the middle
  10. Curtsy lunge w/ pulse x2 Other side
  11. Squat w/ alt leg lifts Orng band
  12. SL DL pulse down x2. Bring it up w/ knee up 35lb kettlebell?
  13. Squat jump w/ alt rev lung jumps
  14. SL DL pulse down x2 Other side
  15. Jump rope
  16. Wide leg squat pulse Accidentally did this instead of next one, but I’d already planned on adding an interval to have even halves.
  17. Wide leg DL pulse x2 Sandbag, held in bent arms

I always love Michele’s abs. I don’t know why I can’t write satisfying sets for myself, but I can’t seem to. So I repeated the burnout set from her last WO, that I did this past Sat.

Quickly written ass & thigh burnout

  • I did 1 round 10/30×14 (7 moves per side basically) = 9:20min. Could’ve used another 2 moves per side on outer thigh tho… Used 5lb ankle weights here. For 2 donkey kick moves per side added a 5lb dumbbell behind bent knee.

Bonus: Abs 10/50 1 round @1:04 in vid

  • 10/50=10min. This time I wasn’t as tired, as I’d done a much shorter WO, so I added 2lb ankle weights. Made it really challenging! In this case, break for some obliques, with the feet on the floor, would be a good thing. I also think I’d like to add that back of butt move where you’re on you’re belly, legs bent, heels touching & pressing up little pulses toward the ceiling. I really like that one.

1. Right foot cross over left – Crunch upper body off floor
2. Right Leg Lift & Lower – hold upper body off floor
3. Both legs up Reverse Crunch (add oblique crunches twd RL, next time, that foot crossed over other leg.)
4. Crunch Knees in & Press legs out open wide
5. Left foot cross over right – crunch upper body off floor
6. Left leg lift & lower – hold upper body off floor
7. Both legs up Reverse Crunch (add oblique crunches twd LL, next time, that foot crossed over other leg.)
8. Crunch knees in & press legs out open wide
9 Flutter Kick
10. Hyperextensions
(Add on the belly, butt squeezers next time, for a total of 13 moves per rnd.)


Ad lib, my own thing.

























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