#TitanUpin30 Week 3 Workout + Booty HIIT with Julia, some jump rope & yoga.

Here’s my 3rd contest entry. I really want that $600 worth of new fitness equipment! That said, this kicked my ass. Granted I was a bit veklempt when I started the WO. Then I followed it up w/ 3-hours of house painting. I stop when I get fumed out. Charlie bought me a respirator, but I can’t stand wearing it.


Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope.

#TitanUpin30 Week 3 Workout + Booty HIIT with Julia

TitanUpin30 circuit: 3x
1. 10 Back Squats with a 3 pulses in squat position BL sandbag
2. 10 KB Single Leg RDL with row one, 35lb kettlebell
3. 10 Goodmornings BL sandbag 

NO Rest Tabata 20:10 8x 4 minutes @11:49
HipThrust +seated abductors (during the 10sec) sandbag & ppl band. Shoulders on (padded) bench.

Booty HIIT: 30:15 6x I hadda increase transition time for moving stuff around in my small corner. And the swings w/ my heaviest KB really wiped me out! Had to pause set ½ way thru. Messed up intervals starting back up so threw in 4 more skater pistols & fell over once. LOL. I can’t rush those!
1. burpee hang clean 20s
2. alt curtsy step downs 15s
3. swings 45lb kettle bell
4. skater low lateral lunge and pistols

NO Rest Tabata
Bulgarian to SL pushup + decline plank glute raises 15s

Time including warm-up, 59min


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