Full Body HIIT & some yoga

Started off today w/ 3 hours home improvement (house painting, vacuuming, cleaning). Then a half hour ranting about millennials. Then an hour designing.

Less of a burn than yesterday’s yoga! Ha! (Though to be fair the yoga took about 20min longer.)  This was good though, a moderate kind of WO. When I see a Lisa one that says “full body”, it’s usually about there. There were too many pure abs in the 2nd half though, which is why the note to self about adding more jump rope.

I’d also detailed the final contest video, with Julia. But those are more work for me, and perhaps, if I feel like bringing equipment downstairs, I’ll film in the living room. It’ll be the cleanest it ever gets (the day after a jam) and the walls are freshly painted. The main thing is it’s a much larger room so easier to get into the camera frame.


Abs Centric Actually Full Body HIIT

  • 15/50x2, w/a a 2min break in the middle = 45:20. I always give myself 15sec transitions when doing longer HIIT WOs w/ breakdown. Gives me time to check the move, scroll down (to keep my place) & pick up weights. Broke it up into two sets with a break in the middle, like I also prefer to do, and added a couple intervals of jump rope. There’s a lot of abs in this WO so…
  • NOTE TO SELF: If repeating this WO, add 6 jump rope intervals (one after every ) and split set in ½ evenly again. (that’d be two sets of 23, w/ the break, same timing = 51:50min).
  1. Squat jump Hold 5s for a little bit of resistance.
  2. SL DL to fwd lunge w/ bicep curl, one leg for the interval 15s
  3. Other side
  4. Squat w/ fwd lunge, one leg BL sandbag
  5. Other side
  6. C-sit on bench, chest pull (@ angle) w/ knees in 10s, arms pull back as knees come in.
  7. Same position, balancing on bum. Press-ups as straight legs lift.
  8. Lateral rockets. Standing parallel to bench, close foot on it. Rocket up. Pick up 5s?
  9. Other side.
  10. Knee lifts, from pull-up bar. See if u can not touch feet down the whole interval.
  11. C-sit bicycle, on floor. Opp arm to pulled in leg does a shoulder press. 15s
  12. C-sit, arms in bicep curl. Flutter kick 2x, bringing hands (facing up) under ea leg. Then lift both legs & tap weights together under. Lower legs & tap weights above. 10s
  13. Lunge w/ SA arnold press, opp arm. 15. Lisa does a pivot, but I hate doing those on carpeting. (So much better to work out on a wood floor!)
  14. Other side
  15. Elevated side plank, lateral lift. Arm goes from alongside body to OH in a T. 5 & a 3. This might be fun w/ a band, holding one end w/ supporting hand.
  16. Other side
  17. Elevated plank rows 15s This was a bit lazy. I knew I shoulda done 20s, what w/ only 1 interval of these.
  18. Super low squat / jump squat 20s. Lisa just does a jump squat w/ weights here, but I wanted to use 20s, tho not jumping w/ them. The right knee!
  19. Elevated push-up & knee tucks. Knee goes to same side shoulder, then opp shoulder.
  20. Jump rope Added this before the break to pump HR up.


  1. Bicycle 2x & then knees in crunch. C-sit again, on floor.
  2. Jump rope
  3. Arms OH w/ weight beyond knees crunch. 15, held w/ both hands ♥
  4. C-sit, on bench, hands on bench behind. Lift straight leg, one side then the other. Then both up & out in a V. 
  5. Opp hand crunch to opp foot. On floor. 10 ♥
  6. Other side 
  7. Elevated side plank, crunch bottom foot to top elbow
  8. Other side 
  9. Staggared push-up. Hand on block. Push-up. Tap elevated hand w/ other hand. Then knee on same side as elevated hand comes in twd shoulder.
  10. Other side: Was multi-tasking while detailing this out & missed that I’d have this on the other side, so I deleted one ab move.
  11. Stationary half-pike. Feet on wall. Body in right angle. Lisa does wall walks w/ knees in. I find a long hold betterer. 
  12. C-sit in front of bench, hands behind. bring straight legs up in the middle, then out so feet would extend outside edges of bench. Next time – change this to straight abs
  13. Tricep dips, slow, w/ alt leg kick outs.
  14. Elevated push-up / hand to alt foot underneath.
  15. Flies w/ leg lifts, on bench. 15s. I did mine reclined instead of C-sit.
  16. Elevated feet, band around arms, hands wide. Tap one hand in toward the other, then back out, alt. Blue Egnergy band
  17. Standing, arms OH & band above wrists. Pull elbows down & back Blue Egnergy band
  18. Standing, bent over, alt front raise, palm down. 10s
  19. C-sit, band around flexed feet. Bicycle, pull-in. Red X-band.
  20. Slightly bent over, press-ups, following angle of body. 10s Did this seated so I could rock back to upright on the downs. Even w/ 10s could barely do it! Good move.




























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