The Sentence Enhancer Workout

Yesterday was debauched in a TOTALLY Portlandia sort of way

Got excited when I saw this new Michele WO.  It was literally the highlight of my morning. Afterward I feel vaguely human again.

The Sentence Enhancer WO


Circuit 1: BOSU Total Body (3x)

Just under 35min for this one circuit! Then I paused my WO to go check on Henry, who’d been outside w/ the dogs a couple hours already.

I’d love to have a bosu or uggi but do not!  Do each group 3x before moving on. +8lb vest.
1. Squat 12x Hadda do slow to warm up knees. Went as low as possible comfortably & silently. 
2. Mountain Climbers 20x 2=1
3. Crunch up, then extend legs out, near floor 10x 5lbs bet feet, 10lbs in hand

4. RL – squat out to the side & then rev lunge 10x 1st rnd – just vest. 2nd & 3rd rnd – 26lb kettlebell, held goblet style @ chest
5. Plank Jacks – on Elbows 15x
6. Roll Up w/ Press slight back arch OH 10x 1st rnd – 10lbs. 2nd & 3rd – 15lbs

7. LL – squat out to the side & then rev lunge 10x 1st rnd – just vest. 2nd & 3rd rnd – 26lb kettlebell, held goblet style @ chest
8. Oblique Mountain Climbers 20x
9. Crunches 10x 10lbs. Weight comes out in front of feet. 2nd & 3rd rnd – added 3lbs bet feet.

10. Push-up 10x Took off vest here! Push-ups are harder w/ ur hands flat on the floor, vs elevated, and didn’t want extra 8lbs.
11. ½ Burpee w/ front raise 10x 10s
12. V-Up w/BOSU 10x 10lbs, keeping legs straight & together – weight reaching twd feet. 2nd & 3rd rnd – added 3lbs bet feet.

Circuit 2: 5 minute Countdown @ 30:50
I did plie out to side, squat & upright row. Step back in, swing weights to shoulders pressing same leg back into rev lunge. Press up & sink into lunge. Swing front leg fwd for SL push-up. Alt. No pivoting around in a circle in other words.

10/50 3x – 9 Rounds @36:11
1. Right Side Lunge to Right Front Bench X-over Lunge I had to be REALLY careful when lunging into the right knee. Also, the way I liked this was keeping the weight curled @ shoulder after the side lunge, so it be in place for the lunge fwd (to blocks) & press-up. Then I hammered it down to repeat. Would increase weight maybe & wear vest if not for right knee.
(Bicep curl to shoulder Press)
2. Left Side Lunge to Left Front Bench X-over Lunge
(Bicep Curl to shoulder press)
3. Dip w/Dancing Crab

Circuit 3: 5 minute Countdown @45:35. I was already like 10min behind so!
(13” bench) Alternate Front Bench Lunge to Knee Up – Reverse Bench Lunge – Squat Wide to Heel Click Jack (2x’s) Repeat on Left Side This was a killer w/ my 8lb vest & used my 10lb weight all the way thru. It was the heel click jacks that did it.

15/45 3x’s – 9 Rounds
1.Pull Right Knee to Left Shoulder – L. Side Plank – R. Shoulder Raise 10. Couldn’t go any heavier here today w/ left elbow. At least I’ve got a tweak on both sides??
2. Pull Left Knee to Right Shoulder – R. Side Plank – L. Shoulder Raise
3. (Lay on Back) Band under back – Crunch Knees in & band to Feet/Leg Raise & Chest Press 1st rnd – lilac Xfit band. 2nd & 3rd – red Xfit band, thumps looped thru @ end of each half. Challenging & interesting, but uncomfortable for the hands. Would like to configure a band w/ the handles for this, or if not practical just use weights.

Circuit 4: 2 minute Countdown @1:01. Now I’m almost 20min behind.
Right Reverse X-Over Lunge to Right Knee Up – Foot down to 2x’s Pulse Squat – Jack with Overhead Pull (Repeat on Opposite side)

15/45 (3x’s) 9 Rounds
1. (Lay on Stomach) Chest Lift & Row Band to Head & Squeeze Back Green Gnergy band, above wrists.
2. Plank V- Hop Right/Left to Frog Hop
3. Chair Sit Burpee 10s. I added tricep push-up to the move 2nd & 3rd rnds just have less hopping. Dead!

Bonus: Abs 5/30 2x’s (10 Rounds)
1. (Face Right) Band to left side – Reach Over Left/Pull High over right shoulder
2. (Face Right) Arms extend out from chest – Press out from chest Lift & Lower
3. Lay on L. Side – Band in R. Hand/Crunch knee in & hand to Foot
4. Lay on L. Side – Band on Foot/Crunch knee to elbow
5. Plank Band on R. Foot – Crunch R. Knee to L. Shoulder
6. (Face Left) Band to right side – Reach over right/Pull high over left shoulder
7. (Face Left) Arms extend out from chest – Press out from chest Lift & Lower
8. Lay on R. Side – Band in L. Hand/Crunch Knee in & hand to Foot
9. Lay on R. Side – Band on L. Foot/Crunch Knee to Elbow
10. Plank Band on L. Foot – Crunch L. Knee to Left Shoulder

1:46! Then hadda get off sneaks.

I did only a couple min of my own stretching.


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