BodyRock HIITMax Week #4 & some yoga

There’s something to be said to be doing basic moves.

Doing four, 50-second intervals of mountain climbers, chair lunges & plank jacks just killed me. Granted I’d worked out pretty hard yesterday. I was trying to do something more moderate, lol, but ended up with this. I’ve done all of the HIITmax WOs at least once, more of them more than twice. They get a little more personalized but that of course is fine.

Also if moves are basic and easy to remember, it’s easier to do shorter resting intervals. I did only 10 seconds rest / transition and 30 bet sets, which was enough time to rearrange my small space as necessary for the next couplet. And my HR never got time to slow down very much.

I was a bit more thorough in the stretching today!


HIITMax Week #4

47min set. 10/50. Each round is the cardio before both #d moves twice thru, for a total of 8 intervals. Then one round of jump rope to finish, for a 9min set. I set the timer for 30sec extra rest between couplets.

Couplet 1

*Cardio: burpees

  1. Switch lunge w/ oblique wood chop 15
  2. Swings 45lb kettlebell Tough!!!
  • Jump rope

Couplet 2

*Cardio: mountain climbers

  1. Sandbag DL and ½ burpee about 53lbs
  2. Weighted squat jumps 26lb kettlebell 
  • Jump rope

Couplet 3

*Cardio: bench jump overs +2lb wrist weights

  1. Clean & press / squat & press 20s 
  2. Elevated push-up & alt knee tuck
  • Jump rope

Couplet 4

*Cardio: chair lunges Slowest chair lunges ever-er. Sweating like pig tho.

  1. Tricep dips
  2. Goblet squat & press 35lb kettlebell 
  • Jump rope

Couplet 5

*Cardio: plank jacks I thought I was going to do mat jumps but I was DEAD by the time I got here. And four 50sec intervals of just plank jacks is hard. Hit failure every interval.

  1. Tuck abs 3lbs bet feet
  2. Straight abs feet under weights
  • Jump rope


About 15min.


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