Birthday Burpee “HIIT the Deck” Stopwatch 

Well! Didn’t think I was up for this much today, but I guess the frustrations of the morning were fuel.



pre warm-up @ 5:50 skipped

Warm Up: Jump Rope Circuit 30/10/1:00/5 (3x’s) 9 Rounds @ 11:35
Jump Rope 30 seconds
1:00 Squat
Jump rope
Weighted Rev Curl 5lb bet feet. I keep my legs straight & on the down extend out to just above floor & pause there
Jump rope
Close Grip Tricep with Close Grip Press 10s, lying on back

Birthday Burpee “HIIT the Deck” Stopwatch

  • I found a deck of cards downstairs & did my own deck, just for fun.

When You draw a face card or 10, you will do 10 of that specific Burpee

10s – Jump Front Lunge to Squat Jump Burpee
Jacks – Thigh Burner Squat Right/Left to 4x bunny hop fwd Burpee Squat & touch one foot w/ opp hand & switch. Dunk walk fwd. Push-up & hop to turn.
Queens – Plank tuck – Tuck Burpee
Kings – Frog Hop/Plank Jack to Chair Sit Burpee 10s There was a lot of hopping in these burpees w/ bent legs & thus slightly rounded back. I was starting to feel it there so last 2 rounds in the Kings (I looked ahead, close to end of deck), I changed this to Jump back to push-up, frog hop & then chair sit. The straight back in push-up felt better than extra hopping. HOWEVER, I NEGLECTED TO SEE THAT 2 CARDS BEFORE THE END I HAD A RUN OF A KING & TWO CONSECUTIVE JACKS, WHICH WERE THE MOST THIGH BURNING OF THE BUNCH!!! Hadda take a break & write this complaint in between, lol.
Aces3x Plank Jack to Surfer Burpee Wasn’t sure I got this right from breakdown & memory. Felt awkward, so 2nd time it came up I changed it to Standing Heel Click. Jump back for push-up and jump fwd to surfer jump / turn.

If you draw a number card, you will do the number of reps for that exercise in the suit

  • Hearts – Arms Parallel w/floor – Row Back then open arms wide and squeeze back  yellow egnegy band above wrists & 5s
  • Diamonds – 2x Bicep Curl up/2x lower down I didn’t do the turn palms down on the lowering thing. 10s min, picking up a 3 w/ both hands usually
  • Clubs – Press up overhead/lower back to OH tricep 10s min, picking up a 3 w/ both hands usually
  • Spades – Changed this to alt lateral & front raise, the 2nd time this came up 10s

Got to this point at like 1:16 & was like, “Shit! There’s a bonus!!!”

Bonus: Thighs 25 Reps (2x’s)

Hadda do legs straight out, rather than L-shaped, for the first two moves on each side, 2nd round, in order to get thru it!

Lay on Side/bend at waist (L Shape)
1. Left Leg Single Leg Lift and Lower
2. Pull Knee in to Single Leg Lift
3. Tap Heel Front/Tap Toe Behind
4. Hold Bottom Leg off Floor/Tap top Toe to leg & Kick Up
(Repeat everything laying on the left Side)
Repeat from beginning

Only did a short stretch.


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