HIIT Pairs & Burpees by Meghan K, pt 1 & some yoga

Tailoring things to my current level

Yesterday I took a rest day… I’d intended to do yoga but so far I can’t get myself to it more than once a week, despite my best intentions. I did take a walk up the hill to Council Crest carrying Theo though. (I’d thought she felt more substantial but no, still only 5.8lbs.)

And still I only wanted ½ of a Julia WO. I previewed that much of it yesterday and had already decided I didn’t want to do the whole thing at once. I’d rather move as slow as I wanna. And ya, 106 push-ups is enough for one WO!!


Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope

HIIT Pairs & Burpees by Meghan K, pt 1

All Pairs 50/10 2x through with Burpees between EACH Round so ends up being 20 burpees per SET

Set #1Sets 1 & 2 I used my interval timer to give myself an extra 5sec to get backloaded. Sets 2, 4 & 5 I used gymboss so I could see my HR. 
1) Backload Curtsy Lunge RL sandbag
2) Backload Curtsy Lunge LL
15 Tricep Kickback Burpees one tricep push-up & one bent over kickback @ top / And 2nd round 5 tricep kickback burpees. 10s

Set #2:
1) Wt Squat Pulse to Squat Jump 26lb kettlebell. Go down for the pulse. Jump & land. Straighten & squeeze = 1 rep.
2) Swings Halo Slams 35lb kettlebell. Since my heaviest dumbbell is 20lbs. Swings w/ 35lbs are still challenging, in 50sec intervals. I could’ve used my 45 here but… I wanted to work only medium-hard intensity, which is halving the WO to start and choosing my weights accordingly.
10 Iron Leg Burpees Normal push-up @ the bottom. Come up & 2 switch lunges / 2 jump squat cross

Set #3:
1) Reverse Lunge RL BL sandbag
2) Reverse Lunge LL
15 Frog Pushup Burpee and 2nd round 5 frog pushup burpees. Back, fwd, back.

Set #4:
1) ManMaker 20s. I’d totally have punked out & done 15s if these were for reps! Got 6 push-ups in first time. 
2) Pendulum Forward & hop!/Backward Jump & hop, then Switch Lunge, bodyweight Forgot the hops (except the switch lunges) when I did.
10 Bicep Burpees 15s. Palms face fwd. Bicep push-up @ bottom & come up for bicep curl

Set #5:
1) Plank hop / clean and press 20s
2) Deep Squat 45lb kettlebell. This would’ve been better as BL sandbag but I didn’t wanna backload by this point.
15 star jump and jack pushup burpees and then 5 star burpees

Time here 1:01. Ya the only thing that got me thru set 5 was knowing it was my last for the day’s session. If I was just closing in on ½ way thru I’d have wanted to kill myself, lol.

Yoga Asana

About 28min

For next time:

Set #6:
1)Fwd Lunge to DL to Bk Lunge RL
2) Forward Lunge to DL to Reverse Lunge LL
10 dive bomber burpeesSet

Set #7:
1) Alt SA snatch
2) Decline clean and press burpee
15 Back Fly Burpee and 2nd round 5 back fly burpees

Set #8:
1)Chest press leg lift
2) Switch lunge SA clean and press
10 decline burpees

Set #9 :
1) DB Push press + Alt curtsy lunge
2) Alt. increasing Renegade Row plank and bent
15 burpee box jump and 2nd round 5 burpee box jumps

Set #10
1) RL step up lunge back
2) LL Step up lunge back
10 burpee DL 20s










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