Anna’s Birthday Workout


Midway thru WO. The stats are a prime motivating factor, but I can’t justify replacing the monitor right now. I exercised an hour and 43min. Didn’t stretch at all after b/c no stats.

  • Just occurred to me the battery might need replacing so I’ll try that…

Anna’s Birthday Workout

Warm-up Bonus: Abs (@58:55 in video)
10x Turkish Get Up Right 10lbs One of the few places I’ll go lighter than M. Really not a fan of this move but I’ll do it once in awhile (only in M’s WOs!). It was almost at the end in the vid. I decided to move it to the very beginning, to get it over with. 
10x Turkish Get Up Left

Warm-up: 10/30 2x’s @5:32. ppl band on @ beginning. Pause to remove before 10th move. Changed order of the moves to make the band thing easier.

  1. Clean & Press 20s
  2. Curl to Overhead Press 15s
  3. Chest Flye pulse 15s I did on my back on the bench. Since wearing a band I did an aductor pulse w/ the flye pulse.
  4. Plank Down/Up to 2x Shoulder Tap 2nd hand to press up goes straight to tap
  5. (Arms Parallel) Cross In Front – Extend out & open wide 8lbs ea hand
  6. Band on Legs – Plank Jack to 2x Thigh Burner Squat
  7. Band on Legs – 2x Squat Walk right to Jack/2x SquatWalk left to Jack
  8. OH tricep w/ pulse 10s
  9. Squat, pass under (w/Alternate Leg Lift) 26lb kettlebell. Totally could’ve done 35 but ‘eh…
  10. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs Didn’t do any pre warm-up so…

2 Minute Countdown Right: Around & behind Right – Turn over Right Shoulder to Plies Squat – (Hold) Criss Cross Jack. Step in Right Reverse Lunge (Twist to outside knee) @20:00. Orng Xband & 10lb weight

2Minute Countdown Left: Around & behind Left – Turn over Left Shoulder to Plies Squat – (Hold) Criss Cross Jack. Step in Left Reverse Lunge (Twist to outside knee)

30/30 4 Rounds @25:15 10s
1. Pull Down to Side – Chest Press/Pull down & Press to Twist overhead The outward rotation 2 the top of the OH press, requiring a clink of “outside edges” of dumbbells, was the most challenging part of this no-rest set for me.
2. Wide Bicep Curl twist Back to Tricep Kickback

Circuit 2: 10/1:00 2 Rounds  @30:45
1. (Banded) Right side Lunge (Left hand to foot) Turn over Left to Right Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Press 10s & orng Xband. I omitted the turn b/c on carpeting.
2. (Banded) Left Side Lunge (Right hand to foot) Turn over Right to Left Reverse Lunge w/Front Raise
3. Plank Push-up to Alternate Side Raise – Hop feet in – Bicep Curl/Bend at Waist/Deadlift to Up-right row 15s. Grabbed 10s 1st rnd by accident. Better w/ 15s.
4. Chair Sit Burpee – Hop to Plank Hold 4x Strict Mountain Climbers 10s. Swing weights up & mini squat for chair sit. Hop back to plank. I did a push-up. Strict mt climbers are tapping front toes down.

Circuit 3: 10/1:00 3 Rounds @41:20
1. (Banded) Right Side Lunge to Right fwd lunge (hold). Other knee starts commando down to up. Wide Jack. 1st rnd – orng Xband. 2nd rnd – 8lb vest & 10s, no band. 3rd rnd – just vest
2. Other side
3. (Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Press – to SL Deadlift then Squat Wide w/Bicep Curl 10s

30/30 4 Rounds @53:02 This is an evil, tricky, 4min plank. Hit FAILURE during 2nd rnd. Started tapping foot down on mt climbers. Had to break here & there. WAS SO HAPPY I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO TURKISH GET-UPS RIGHT AFTER THIS!!!
1. Plank Tap Opposite Hand to Opposite Foot
2. Oblique Mountain Climbers

10/40 8 Rounds (2x’s) @1:04. Quick cut here.
1. Slider under Left Foot. Right Hand  holding 5lb weight– Left foot under & right to ceiling/Turn front Plank & press right arm out
2. Band on Right Foot/Hold Left Hand – Right foot under & left to ceiling/Turn Front Plank & press left arm out
3. Band in Feet & Hands – Crunch in & Press out w/Arms overhead
4. (Boat Pose)) Right Knee Crunch in & Twist Left Elbow to knee
5. (Boat Pose) Left Knee Crunch in & Twist Right Elbow to Knee
6. Slow Bicycle
7. Flutter Kick
8. Hyperextension

Bonus: Birthday Butt – 30 Second Work 8 Right/8 Left 2nd rnd +2lb ankle weights
1. Runner’s Stomp Right
2. Kneel on Left – Right Single Leg Lift
3. Kneel on Left – Right Single Leg Pulse
4. Pul right knee to Right Elbow then Right foot to left Elbow
5. Right Leg Bent & Pulse Up
6. Right Leg Cross Behind Left Knee & Kick Out
7. Lay on Left Side – Single right leg lift & lower
8. Lay on Left Side – Right leg out in front – Lift then pull knee to chest
(Repeat on Left side)


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