The Halloween HIIT Workout

Started this w/ no preview. Was having a great time & then looked over at my monitor app before the 2nd set & saw it’d crapped out again. The new battery didn’t fix it. This means that now one of my main motivational tools is gone.

Time = 1hr25min. Didn’t stretch at all after.

The Halloween HIIT Workout

Part 1: 15/45 2x’s (TRICK OR TREAT) 2nd rnd + 8lb vest. Did push-ups in all burpee moves. Upper body is feeling GOOD today! Have fixed myself up w/ the yoga.
1. ”T” Raise Push-up 10s
2. Reverse Bench Lunge (Alternate – band optional) 1st rnd – orng band, 2nd rnd – vest & 26lb bell
3. Inner Thigh Lunge 26lb bell
4. Clean & Press 20s
5. Kneel Down/Up to Low Jack Burpee
6. Oblique Mountain Climbers
7. Rotational Squat w/Up-Right Row 35lb bell
8. Thigh Burner Burpee
9. Row Close to Rear Flye 15s
10. Plank Down/Up to 2x Plank Jack floor
11. Alternate Squat w/Single Leg Side Lift 1st rnd – 26lb bell, 2nd rnd – 35lb bell
12. Toe Taps (Plank Position) off side of ball, box or to the floor

Part 2: 10/50 2x’s (SPOOKY NIGHTS) @34:12 Orng Xband both rounds
1. Sumo Squat Jump (Hop feet in on toes)
2. Plank Knee Drive (Alternate)
3. One Legged Deadlift to Squat on Floor – right 35lb bell
4. One Legged Deadlift to Squat on Floor – Left
5. kettlebell Frogger – Broad Jump forward – Hold – Sqaut w/alternating leg lift/hop turn 26lb bell
6. Y Amr Front Raise – Lift up Wide – turn and touch palms overhead – lower down to sides
7. Nosebuster 10s
8. Inner Thigh Pulse  35lb bell
9. Good Morning to Alternate Reverse Cross Over Lunge 15s
10. Hammer Curl – band, tubes or dumbbells 15s
11. Toes Down – Heels Elevated Squat 1st rnd – 35lb bell. 2nd rnd – 45
12. Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift

Bonus: Ab Combos 5/30 3x’s each combo
1a. Butterfly Crunch 1
1b. Butterfly Crunch Pulse up

2a. Reverse Table Top – Toe touch – opposite elbow to bent knee
2b. Straight Leg Scissors or Bicycle

3a. Right Side Bicycle
3b. Left Side Bicycle

4a. Low Boat to High Boat
4b. Mountain Climbers

5a. Hyperextension
5b. Reverse Hyperextension


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