Complete Legs – Jamie Bryan & some yoga

OK… feeling a bit (a lot) unmotivated, sans monitor. Jamie posted this on the FB group… I’d looked at it. I went to just eat a bowl of cereal, even though I wasn’t hungry yet, but the almond milk was moldy.

So I’m like, “I guess I should exercise a little then.” I took the mirror from the end of the hallway. I thought perhaps watching my form might help. I think it did a tiny bit, if only for the novelty.

J’s breakdown is on the left, my weights, comments, modifications on the right.


I surprised myself by finishing in under the estimated time she’d posted, an hour. Took me 35min… That can’t be right!!! See? I don’t know what’s going on w/out the monitor, LOL. Normally I keep an eye on my HR during breaks, for example.

Did some yoga poses after. Exercised about 51min total. Better than nothing. The routine was certainly work! Like I thought the last set would be nothing and it was killer.


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