Lift Like a Bro #1: Upper Body

Well… I’m sure I will have another HR monitor at some point, but since they do have a limited life span and I need to save money, I thought I’d at least try to make it through November without one. So far… I can say my workouts have been 1) shorter, 2) uninspired and 3) less frequent.

And yes, J says – right after the last tabata pyramid – that the “finisher” is a larger part of the WO

It’s not like I’m lifting to look great in that fantastic, new outfit that’s waiting now is it? I read through the breakdown. Julie likes to put hard & long sets at the end, lol. When I’d see a 5×5 round at the end, I’d maybe split it up & put ½ at the beginning. I read through to the end of this routine & she does the last set eight times. No thank you!

As I was talking myself into merely finishing the last triset, I decided I was doing NONE of the finisher. Took me just over an hour to finish that. If I had my monitor, I’d probably have been inspired to take a break and do ½ of it.

1hr, 12min – skipping the major chunk of it

It’s not like Astanga, where all the parts are crucial, so even if you’re not measuring you wanna finish. I mean, the back bends are the most therapeutic part of it, and they’re close to the end. And then of course you want the blissful finishing poses.

NOTE TO SELF: If u repeat this ever, start w/ 4 rounds of the “finisher”

Lift Like a Bro #1: Upper Body

Tabata Pair Pyramid
1. Alt SA clean and presses 26lb kettlebell
2. Burpee clean and press 20s. I could prolly do 55/60 if I had a bar.

Triset complex 8 reps 3x
1. Lateral raises 10s
2. Hammer front raises (palms facing in) 10s
3. Modified bent rear felt flys palms up (start w/ palms facing back – they end up facing ceiling) 10s

Tabata pair @13
1. Handstand shoulder taps
2. Bear hold shoulder tap angry donkey

Triset drop set 5 reps x3 – 2x thru. Do all the reps for each move before moving on, both rounds.
1. Incline chest press SSD 20s Start w/ weights up. Second round I did a set of 10 & a 5 instead of taking a break after ea 5.
2. Incline Chest fly 15s 1st rnd this as one set of 15. 2nd rnd needed a quick break after 10.
3. Arnold press 20s, 15s 1st rnd a set of 10 w/ 20s & dropped to 15s for last 5. 2nd rnd did 8 w/ the 20s & then dropped to 15s.

Tabata Pair pyramid @30:49
1. Alt staggered Burpee snatch 20
2. 6 way shoulders

Triset: 3x  @38:45

1. 8 Decline push-up plank row 1st rnd – 20s. 2nd rnd – dropped to 15s
2. 10 Chest press flutter kicks 20s, on floor to make it easier (less range of motion)
3. 5 DB hang clean + alt rev Lunge with sa clean 20s

Time = 62min.

Finisher full body complex 5 reps 8x
1. Power clean
2. Front squat
3. Push press
4. Burpee DL


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