(Part of ) Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video

I have stats today. I tried another battery. Maybe I just have old batteries? We’ll see. If I’m not buying a new monitor I may as well use them up.

Probably could’ve used a rest but then I’m at a loose end… I was lying in bed with my laptop eating candy and I asked the magic, online coin toss if I should get up & exercise or continue to lie in bed. It picked “get up”, but I really didn’t have much gas! I pooped out ½ way through the 2nd circuit.

Even if I’m tired, I probably needed it. We’re back to Passive Aggressive War Zone around here again. But I do get a break! Two days away, in the middle of the week. Hooray! Maybe I’ll do the 3rd Circuit @ the hotel. I’ll do one short WO there, probably. I pack my sneakers and a jump rope & even if there’s no equipment I can figure out something.



Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video

Warm Up: 5:00 Countdown @4:15
5x Row 20s
10x Push-up
15x Squat 45lb kb

Circuit 1: 4 Rounds @ 9:56 √, √, √, √ Kept vest on rnds 2–4
1. Alternate Reverse Lunge w/Bicep Curl 12x, 2=1. 1st rnd – sliders & 10s, 2nd rnd – 8lb vest & 13 in ea hand. 3rd & 4th – vest & 10s.
2. R. Leg Circle Foot Around to R. Reverse Cross Over Lunge 12x slider all rounds. +8lb vest from rnd 2 on. Picked up a 26lb bell (in opp from moving leg) for rnd 3. Rnd 4 – just vest for added weight.
3. Other side
4. Plank Jacks 20x
5. Swing to Alternate fwd Lunge w/ OH tricep 10x/Side, 2=1 10s Cut two off the reps count. I wasn’t even going to exercise today.

Circuit 2: 2 Rounds @29:54. I’d hoped to convince myself to do @ least one round of the 3rd circuit but nope. Then I hit pause b/c I’d done my 2nd round sans vid & stopped it. Wanted to find beg of Circuit 3 and then scroll to the abs. Sometimes the orange section breaks are hard to find!
1. (Band Optional) R. Leg Squat to Plies to Rev Lunge 12x orng Xband
2. Other side
3. R. Reverse Lunge (Under Hand) Front Raise – Knee Lift to OH Press 10x 10s. Cut two off the reps count again b/c already flagging.
4. Other side, Flip palm to opp direction
5. (Kettlebell pass under) Squat & Side Leg Lift 10/12x/Side 1st rnd – 26lb bell & only 10, 2=1 reps. 2nd rnd – just ppl band & vest no pass under, but did 2 more dlb sided reps.

Circuit 3: 4 Rounds @54
1. Alternate Side Lunge w/Squat in Center 12x/Side
2. R. Front Bench Lunge to Step Behind (Plies Squat)
Bow & Arrow Arms 12x
3. L. Front Bench Lunge to Step Behind (Plies Squat)
Bow & Arrow Arms 12x
4. R. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x Mountain
Climbers to L. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x
Oblique Mountain Climbers 10x

Bonus: Abs 10/50 8 Rounds (2x’s) @ 1:18
1. Reverse Table Top Position – Lower feet to floor 1st rnd had ppl band arnd feet but didn’t do much so dropped it
2. Crunch knees to Chest then Straighten & Lift into Air
3. Crunch Feet in & Press Out w/Alternate Twist (Ball or Band at Feet & Wrap Around Hands)
4. Bicycle, alt R. Foot on Ball – Roll in & L. Elbow to R. Knee
5. Straight Abs / Rev curl w/ 3lb bet feet
6. 1st rnd – laid on side & crunched top knee in (no ball). 2nd rnd did side plank hip dips & leg lifts w/ orng band
7. Other side
8. Crunches / Straight abs

Didn’t really stretch after, but I’m thinking to do another Astanga tomorrow.


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