The Circuit I missed yesterday & some yoga

Though maybe I’ll also try doing the whole WO but just 2 rounds of each circuit, and visit the routine a 3rd time. I really like the moves! I’ve really gotten into Michele’s particular style, long and steady with moderate weights – even if I do take small bites sometimes. Exercise is like food. Eat until you’re not hungry anymore and then stop.

I was going to do just a tiny bit of the beginning of astanga but took me so long. Low burns too, now that the monitor is working again, at least for the moment. But ya, sometimes you just really need a rest day. I remember this from as early as my Crunch days, when sometimes I’d see how long I could go without taking a single day off… I’ll be happy to sit in a car for a couple hours tomorrow.

Was helped by this ACDC playlist I decided to check out on Prime. Hadn’t heard a bunch of those songs (and I didn’t even get through the whole thing.



Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video

Circuit 3 Only: 4 Rounds @54:00. This was my warm-up & my intention was a moderate WO so I really took my time. First rnd was just over 11min & I paused for a break! LOL. √, √, √,   Time = 52:36. FOR ONE CIRCUIT!!! I gotta be honest. Doing 4 rounds of just this one circuit was difficult for me today.
1. Alternate Side Lunge w/Squat in Center 12x/Side (2=1) 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell. This was hard from the get-go! 2nd rnd I accidentally did one of the center squats as a DL. Decided to do all DL in center squat for 3rd & 4th rnds. The DLs w/ just 26lbs were challenging!
2. Fwd Lunge w/ OH pull-down to Step Behind (Plies Squat), Bow & Arrow Arms 12x 1st rnd – Blue Egnergy band, held in hands works best, palms facing out for the OH pull-down. 2nd rnd added 8lb vest. Took it off for last move tho! Wasn’t about to have that bouncing around on my back in Mt. Climbers. 3rd rnd – Tried out vest w/ just 5s, and even that was challenging w/ 24 of them. LOL. What is happening to me?? 4th rnd – Decided to try 2lb wrist weights & yellow Egnergy band, the lightest.

This is one of those moves you’ve gotta try out a couple of bands before you do it, to get it right. I bought this set of bands before getting the ones Julia had recommended. They were cheaper! However even the heaviest band (black XX-HEAVY) is too light for most leg work, at least the kinds of moves Julia favors. However they ARE good for some upper body work, in the kinds of moves Michele comes up with. It’s nice for me to play with some of my stuff I don’t really use a lot as well, particularly as I don’t get to acquire new equipment very often! I did get two new kettlebells this year though. It’s nice to have a little range of them.

Egnergy bands.JPG
3. Other side
4. R. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x Mt Climbers to L. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x Oblique Mt Climbers 10x Hands on bench for Mt climbers. I’m pretty sure I got the 1=1 count on the climbers right, b/c even that way the 3rd rnd took about 4min, 38 seconds for this one move! 2nd rnd on I had a piece of paper on the bench so I could mark when I’d done 5 reps. For some reason I tend to get lost bet 7 & 9, lol. Knowing I had the halfway point right for sure somehow helped.


  • Single, 10/60 intervals: Virasana, supta v,
  • 10 breaths uttana & my quad stretch. 10/60 Urdvha D by wall, w/ block, another 2 intervals in paschimo & sarvangasana, 10 breaths in the next 2 finishing & a min savasana.

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