Go With The Flow! A KB Workout for Olivia

Hadn’t done a Velvet Hammer in a little while, and I needed a WO that I wasn’t going to have time to preview. Sometimes this takes me even longer, b/c I insist upon stopping after sets to note what weights I’ve chosen. If I preview, I have a good idea of what’ll be good to start off with, at least.

I think this is my fave WO I’ve done from Mackenzie! It was designed for mostly lighter bells, so I challenged myself a lot w/ my 26, which is the lightest I own. I used single dumbbells otherwise.


Go With The Flow! A KB Workout for Olivia

15lb dumbbell w/ warm-up

Flows- 1:00/15 2 rounds

  1. Squat Clean and Pivot Press with Curtsy L 26lb kettlebell
  2. Other side
  3. SA Deadlift + Row + Clean and Press L 26lb kettlebell
  4. Other side
  5. Low Squat Bicep Curl Back Lunge (Alt) 26lb kettlebell
  6. Row & Back Lunge (opp leg to rowing arm) / Front Curtsy Lunge (keep same supporting leg) alt sides 26lb kettlebell. Confusing 1st rnd trying to follow along. I decided on my own thing for 2nd rnd & didn’t look at the screen.

Intervals 45:15 2 rounds

  1. Shuffle + Upright Row 26lb kettlebell
  2. Cross-Body Snatch (Alt) 20
  3. Scissor + Hammer Curl L 20
  4. Burpee SLDL (w/ push-up, both legs DL @ top) 35lb kettlebell
  5. Scissor + Hammer Curl R 20
  6. SA Pivot Clean and Press 26lb kettlebell

Reps 2 (or more!) sets of 10 reps I was using heavy weights (for me) & started taking a lotta rests here. Did 2nd rnd from breakdown. Sat down for a bit after both sides of surrender!! HR kept hitting 170.

  1. Clean and Curtsy L-10 26lb kettlebell
  2. Surrenders-L 10 26lb kettlebell
  3. Clean and Curtsy R-10 26lb kettlebell
  4. Surrenders-R 10 26lb kettlebell
  5. Rows L-10 26lb kettlebell
  6. Iso Leg Lunges L-10 35lb kettlebell (weight opp hand back leg)
  7. Rows R-10
  8. Iso Leg Lunges R-10

Interval Finisher 40/10 2 rounds

  1. Squat Swing to Reverse Lunge 26lb kettlebell (I could’ve done 35 here but I was tired)
  2. T-arm Raise Hip Dip L 10
  3. KB Burpee with 2bl Knee Tuck 35lb kettlebell
  4. T-arm Raise Hip Dip R
  5. SA Power Clean L 20. Tried picking up my 26lb bell, the lightest I have, but I’d done a lot of cleans & SA presses w/ it already & nope.
  6. Pass Under Lunges Alt 26lb kettlebell
  7. SA Power Clean R
  8. DL I’d done the pass unders alt the 1st rnd so kept it, so I could use my heaviest bell someplace in this routine. Was good to do less back lunges anyway b/c my LL had done something a little weird at one point during the previous set.

Cool down

Did it w/ the video! I’m turning over a new leaf, lol. One the one hand it’s lazier than figuring out my own stretches / asana. On the other it’s not if I’d neglect stretching otherwise.


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