Change is Hard Workout

So I had another two rest days in a row! I’m back on this medication that makes my joints extra sensitive and I did something above the left knee Sunday, though I had a great time working out anyway. That happened about midway through…

I generally take two rest days a week anyway, so we’ll see how this week goes. I’m planning to do a yoga practice tomorrow. Might need another over the weekend.


Change is Hard Workout

Warm-up is at 58. When I’m a little tweaky, I don’t skip these gentle warm-ups!

Part 1: 30/10/1:00/5 (3x’s) 30 Seconds Jump Rope / 1:00 @ 7:00

  1. Fwd Cross Over Lunge 15s
  2. Left Knee Crunch In/Right Leg Lift First rnd I did full sit-ups both sides & it was too hard!
  3. Right Knee Crunch In/Left Leg Lift
  4. Squat BL sandbag

30 Second Work – 3x’s  @28:40
V-Up 3lbs bet feet.
Mountain Climbers

Long pause here b/c I had to go help w/ the 20+ year old fridge.

Part 2: 10/30 2x’s @ 32:45
1. Swings Overhead Slam 45lb kettlebell
2. Squat/Right Foot on & off block 26lb kettlebell / 35lb 2nd rnd
3. Frog Hop to 2x’s Plank Jack
4. Squat/Left Foot on & off block 26lb kettlebell
5. Mat Jumps
6. RL Side lunge 26lb kettlebell / 35lb 2nd rnd
7. RL elevated. LL, knee to elbow & glute lift
8. LL Side lunge 26lb kettlebell / 35lb 2nd rnd
9. LL elevated. RL, knee to elbow & glute lift
10. Box Squat BL sandbag

15 Reps Each – 2x’s @46:34
1. Knee Drive Plank (like a slow mt climber) 2=1
2. Glute Bridge Hip Raise sandbag

Part 3: 30/10/1:00/5 (3x’s) @ 52:55
30 Seconds – Jump Rope
Reverse Lunge Twist Elbow to Front Knee 26lb kettlebell
Left Leg Kneel – Right Foot Planted – Snatch up and twist Right 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell. Did NOT flip it over as I was using more than twice as much weight as M. I would like a 15lb bell… Might have tried the flip if I had one / 2nd rnd – SL DL w/ 35lb kettlebell / 3rd rnd – bulgarians w 15s
Right Leg Kneel – Left foot Planted – Snatch up and twist Left
(Tube or Dumbbells) Front Flye to Bicep Curl Yellow BeachBody band. foot on band b/c the flyes.

Bonus: Floor Work 5/35 (2x’s) +2lb ankle weights. Changed a few of these just b/c I don’t have a ball
1. Glute Bridge Lift
2. Left Leg Up – Right foot Glute Lift – Knee Tuck Left Leg
3. Ball Behind Left Knee Reverse Crunch
4. Right Leg Up – Left Foot Glute Lift – Knee Tuck Right Leg
5. Right Knee Reverse Crunch
6. Feet together, legs in frog position – crunch
7. Rev Curl
8. Clam Shell Left Leg Lift Up
9. Side Bicycle – Left Leg in Right Elbow to knee/Right knee In & Elbow twist back
10. Clam Shell Right Leg Lift Up
11. Side Bicycle – Right Leg in Left Elbow to Knee/Left Knee in & elbow twist back
12. Flutter kicks
13. Slider pike abs

Some yoga asana on my own.


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