Astanga Yoga

Today’s practice was chop-chop. I hadn’t done any cardio warm-ups before yoga lately. Maybe that was part of it. Also I did only one timed pose before the back bending, and I didn’t do the Kapo B thing. I felt stiff and it was a bit cool in the room. I could’ve used the space heater.


Warm-up: 10/306x=4min jump rope

Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, 3lb hand held weights for 3rd – 5th. Held that last standing backbend longer than again, 5 breaths. Two, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Rack single interval of 10/60
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing I got to savasana @ an hour and 18, which includes the jump rope warm-up & transition time. (5min savasana)

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