Stefanie’s Requested Freestyle Workout

It takes me even longer if I don’t preview at all, but who cares right? Who the fuck cares?

Didn’t stretch at all either. I’m due a yoga for next time. We’ll see if I can manage it. I’m always happy that I’ve done it, but it’s difficult to get myself up to the starting gate.


Stefanie’s Requested Freestyle Workout

warm-up @3:54

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds √, √, √
1. Clean & Press 12x 20s
2. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press – Lower Down & Circle Around 12 – 12x 1st rnd 13, 2nd & 3rd 2lb wrist weights & 10s
3. Lying Bicep Curl/Extend Over Chest – French Curl Up to chest & lower to floor 12x 1st rnd 10s. 2nd & 3rd 2lb wrist weights & 10s

Plies Jump Squat (weight to Floor) Hop in & Bicep Curl to Overhead Tricep Extension 10x 26lb kettlebell

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds  @23:48 √, √, √
1. Runner’s Stomp Right (5x’s)/(Weight in Right hand)Rack Squat 5x’s 2x 26lb kettlebell – I put on my forearm guards for this!
2. Other side
3. Bicep Curl to Punch Front – Out to Sides & Lower Down 12x 10s. I kept palms facing down in the punch fwd & also to the lateral raise, trying to keep arms as straight as possible & as close to perfect shoulder height as possible.

Low Jump Squat to Front Bench Cross Over Lunge 12x, 1=1. Put on my 8lb vest here @ end of 2n rnd & kept on for all of 3rd rnd.

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds @34:52. √, √, √
1. 21’s  2lb wrist weighs & 10s
2. 10 each – Shoulder Press/Overhead Tricep Extension/Bicep Curl/Up-Right Row 2lb wrist weighs & 10s
3. Rev lunge, 10 ea leg (alternate) Plies Squat – Turn Side Static Lunge to Press Overhead
& Across the Chest 10x I always change pivoting moves. Decided to swap it for something simple, leg focused. Hard to BL that sandbag w/ wrist weights on tho! Took ’em off rnds 2 & 3.

Wide Squat Side to Fwd Lunge – Hop back (same foot) & SL Push-up/Hop in, alt leg. +8lb vest for 2nd rnd & left it on for full 3rd rnd.

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds √, √, √. I changed every move except the cardio on this one but it’s ok. I was in the spirit of it.
1. SL Deadlift to Squat (right) 10x. 45lb kettlebell. I did lower reps b/c double the weight.
2. Other side
3. Close grip chest press on bench – Standing touch Front & Pull Back/Chest Press & Lower Arms to Sides 12x 20s

Kneel Down/Up – Step Out Wide to Heel Click Jack – Plank Push-up & hop in. Repeat opposite side 10x

Right Side: 10/30 2 Rounds. @1:06 +2lb ankle weights & ppl Xband
1. Clam Shell Right
2. Clam Shell Right & Kick Foot Out

Left Side: 10/30 2 Rounds
1. Clam Shell Left
2. Clam Shell Left & Kick Foot Out

Right Side: 15x each 2 Rounds
1. Bridge Glute Raise Up 2x Down 2x
2. Up/Out/In & Down

Hold Right Leg Up – Circle Leg Clockwise 15x then Counter Clockwise 15x
Hold Pull Knee in Then Press Out
Hold Left Leg Up – Circle Leg Clockwise 15x then Counter Clockwise 15x
Hold Pull knee in then press out

Left Side: 15x each 2 Rounds +ppl band
1. Bridge Glute Raise Pulse Up 15x
2. Hold Up & Open Legs (Pulse up) 15x

Abs: 2 Rounds
100’s (10x’s)  2nd rnd I did feet under weights straight abs up to ¾s up. Was so happy there weren’t more than 2 rounds as that made the following star crunches much harder
Star Crunch 15x
Flutter Kicks (4count)15x


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