Feeling a bit better now

I just needed to 1) self isolate and 2) vent. It’ll be good to see my friend too, tomorrow, even if I’d been hoping to eat turkey. She’s unlike most of the locals in that she both plans and communicates clearly. She is also doing an all vegan holiday.

My friend Maria, in Connecticut, already has her table set, and beautifully, a day ahead of time. That’s East Coast level, right there. Not that I’ve ever had a kitchen table, or any property, never mind nice settings.

I’d dreamed of getting a bistro table and two chairs for the one nice apartment I ever dwelled, for eleven short months. Alas I had to replace my laptop and, since this is Podunk, funds never reappeared.

Where would I put that cute table and chairs now anyway? I know…. up my ass, is what you’re thinking.

I’m at Lardo, drinking a beer ūüćļ and waiting for a fish sandwich, after having fasted all day. I didn’t get fries though. I’m waaaay over spending just being here in the first place. I don’t care anymore!

And unlike Double Chin Dan, Saddlebags Christin, and Air Quotes Senior Kate, I will never sacrifice my principles to kiss the ass of a furry browed, Porsche driving moron who doesn’t deserve it.

They’re now characters in a memoir!

I got a writing test btw, but I’m not sure I’ll do it. The ad had said “provocative content”, but when asked they prefer polite over insouciant, and asked for a piece on Bradley Cooper in that new, try hard movie. All the press I’ve seen makes me think it’ll be calculated and phony. (I predict Podunkians will love it.)

I swear this town is populated by Tonya Hardings, who was briefly redeemed but had learned nothing.

And ya I’m having a rest day, not that one will make a difference. Last night I was miming our a move for this one workout, to get it down. My right knee hurt, just testing it out. My left elbow complains during vinyasa. My left knee buckles going down stairs…

I think part of the problem is the antibiotics I have had to take fairly constantly, because of a nasty gum pocket, and only 4mm of bone remaining next to one of my front teeth.

Lol. I swear I can feel my prana slipping away. Would roasting a turkey have made much of a difference? Probably fucking not. Let’s be real. Let’s keep our integrity to the bitter end.


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