Holiday aversion & travel fantasies

It’d be a “Happy Thanksgiving” for me if I were getting on a plane and going somewhere until this & the next holidays are over. I’d miss the cats, but the relief over bypassing the invisibility would help offset this considerably.

Maybe someday I’ll get to go to Europe again

I’m fascinated by Prague & have been obsessed with this account for a couple years.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 8.47.03 AM.png

I suppose it’s unsurprising I’m more of a city person than nature girl. It was a relief to me to get out of a Grand Canyon trip this year, via getting a (supposedly) real job offer, for the first time since landing in Godforsaken Podunk. The trip had three strikes against it.

  1. This woman who felt free to ridicule me to the point of hysteria, in the house where I live, not once but twice, was along for the ride. She broke a rib though! That news made me smile. It really did. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.
  2. The rafting was sandwiched between two long road trips. I hate road trips.
  3. If the job had at all matched the posted description it’d have been perfect.

Anyway I came from a non athletic family. My dad’s idea of exercise was being forced to park more than 20 strides away from the shopping mall entrance. And then I moved to NYC immediately after college. If we wanted “extreme” nature, we’d make the trek uptown to Central Park.

I never once said to myself, Gee, I wish I could go rafting.

I’m glad I travelled during my prior life, in NYC, where people respect a RISD education and pay real life wages. These days I have to satisfy myself with looking at pictures. Sometimes I scribble myself into locations I’d like to visit. Photoshop stick figures. Here I am – with a blissfully swimming Sir Henry – at Villa Grock!

villa grock.jpg

The only things to do around Podunk tend to involve tromping around in the woods a minimum one hour drive away. Parts of the coast are gorgeous, but that’s more like two and a half hours. Hiking is fun once in awhile, sure, but for a real get away I strongly prefer walkable, urban culture.

Was just looking for a screenshot I’d made of a comment. It’s on the other Mac. Anyway it goes, “What’s the difference between Portland and yogurt? Yogurt has an active culture.

When I heard about the rigors of that trip I knew I wouldn’t be signing onto the next one, if I happen to still be installed where I am when it comes around. Especially if I’m unimportant enough to plan or cook one holiday meal! Or even be informed of plans! Thanks but nope.

I better get out this afternoon. It’s time for a bus trip downtown, me thinks. And now I’ll continue looking to see if I can find a workout that doesn’t hit either of my chronic injuries too much.


2 thoughts on “Holiday aversion & travel fantasies

  1. Oy! My left knee TOO. I’d forgotten about that but it’s buckling when I go down stairs. I might have to just go on a one meal a day plan for a bit… I dunno. Thinking about that video I watched of Christine Salus talking about healing her back injury. I’ve got THREE. And no opportunities for things like MRIs at present.


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