Weights workout on an Inverse, Non Holiday

After an unsatisfying, solo excursion downtown yesterday, and way too little food b/c I didn’t want to pay for it, I took the bus home & had a quite dangerous walk home along Dosch, wearing my dark navy coat. The driver told me to be careful. That’s ok. I’ve got a flash light and a death wish, I said.

I’d wanted to roast a fucking turkey!!!


And then there was beer and I got into the whiskey. I laid around all morning today, like a depressed dishrag. Since Charlie went to bed again immediately after breakfast, I sent my friend a cancellation around noon. Granted I could drive over there myself, if I were determined to go, but it wasn’t the holiday I wanted, as much as I love my (devotedly vegan) friend.

I won’t make the mistake of trying to be proactive and attempting to initiate any planning again. I just get too frustrated and angry over being ignored. Seriously, any time I’d ask about ordering a turkey I’d get no response whatsoever. For whatever fucked up reason, the daughter is the only one allowed to do that. Even if we didn’t know how many people to expect, there are plenty of dishes you can make with leftover turkey… #fuckit #neveragain

But hey, I got a workout in. And to my surprise I was able to do the bear crawl position w/out my right knee complaining at all. I’m such a gimpy motherfucker these days, you never know.


Low Impact Weight Workout: Poster Chain and Core Challenge by Colleen K

Swing and Strength Starter This set was done in the video 10/30. I decided to to 15/45×2=16min. I wanted to include some moves that I don’t work on a lot, which involve walking out of the little room I exercise in, around the corner to where my little, low-mounted pull-up bar happens to be.
1. Swings 35lb kettlebell. 
2. SA Rows 26lb kettlebell. 
3. Squat Rocker Swing 26lb kettlebell. I did this one sort of Zuzka style.
4. SA Discus 15. Swing weight up & diagonally. Catch it w/ other hand @ the top.
5. Pull-ups OH Swings With blue assistance band.
6. Chin-ups With blue assistance band.
7. SA High Pull 15. 
8. SA Snatch 20

**Manmaker Challenge #1: 5 Manmakers with increasing reps (1-5) Arnold Press at top 15s. When I first looked at this I was like, “I’m not doing increasing reps on the push-ups! I thought she meant it’d get up to 10 at the bottom, with 5 and 5. But no it’s just the arnold presses. OK then!

Deadlift Squat Combo: Set 1. 8 reps each 2X 45lb kettlebell.
1. Deficit Sumo Squat
2. Deficit Sumo Deadlift
3. Deficit Sumo Deadlift Squat combo. DL down. Lower butt to squat & come up.

Plank Core Challenge No Rest Tabata #1 (no equipment)
20-10 pair #1 first 4 rounds, pair #2 second 4 rounds- 8 total These no rest tabatas are kind of too complicated for doing w/ a breakdown, b/c u have to memorise moves….

  • Rnds 1-4: Spider pushup and kickout, with other leg + kick under and toe touch w/ kickout leg / 3 way knee tuck with glute raise
  • Rnds 5-8: SL Plank Hops with Push Up / Alternating Kick Out to Kick Through in Plank

**Manmaker Challenge #2: 5 Manmakers with increasing 1-5 reps Double Arm Rows at the top of the move. 20s.

Deadlift Squat Combo: Set 2. 8 Reps 2X. -1st round with left foot on elevation, second round right foot up. I used a yoga block for my elevation. 45lb kettlebell.
1. Staggered Squat
2. Staggered Deadlift
3. Staggered Deadlift Squat combo

Core Slider No Rest Tabata #2 (both feet on sliders) I did better on this one. Then reset timer to have high interval of 20sec first w/ 10 sec warmup. I was doing it in reverse first two no rest tabatas & it’s confusing enough as it is, trying to keep 4 moves memorised.

  • Rnds 1-4: Alternating Curtsy Lunges to Plank Jack push-up / Commando Plank Jacks
  • Rnds 5-8: Slider Pikes / Elbow Plank- Alternating Hip Dips

**Manmaker Challenge #3: 5 Manmakers with increasing reps Rear Delt Flies at the top (1-5 reps) 10s

Deadlift Squat Combo: Set 3. 8 Reps 2X (switch leg elevated on second round) 15s.
1. Bulgarian Squat
2. Bulgarian Deadlift (DL part only)
3. Bulgarian Deadlift Combo

Core Slider No Rest Tabata #3 (feet on sliders)

  • Rnds 1-4: Bear Crawl fwd, Kick Through. Bear crawl back / Slow Mt Climbers . Bear crawls were ok but both my knees pretty sore post workout.
  • Rnds 5-8: Weighted Dragging Planks- (plank row weight up, set weight down slightly in front to walk the plank, row other weight/arm continue same way, when you run out of room going forward then go backward same way) / Plank Jacks

5min hip Thurst burnout: 30/30. Weighted & BW ppl Xbnd & sandbag

Time = 1:07

Then a bit of yoga.


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