Olivia’s Special Birthday Workout

This was just what I needed for today.




Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope

Olivia’s Special Birthday Workout

Part 1: 10/45 (2x’s) @ 7:24
1. RL Roundhouse to Wide Squat (Hold)/ LL Rev Cross over Lunge 2 Pulses 2x’s, Alt 2nd rnd added 26lb kettlebell
2. Rows  & press-ups (M does 2 rows, no push-ups. Jump fwd & press up) 20s
3. Surrender / box jump, alt
4. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press/Down & twist palms & press overhead 15s
5. BOSU Squat to Deadlift 45lb kettlebell. Had to keep down low. Too heavy 2 pop up into a goblet hold safely
6. Ab Roll-up to Overhead Press 10s
7. 2x Wide Squat Pulse – Turn over Right Shoulder to Wide Squat – Criss Cross Jack Turn front (Repeat) 1st rnd a 10 b/c forgot a bit of the preview. 2nd rnd 26lb kettlebell
8. Kettlebell Swing 45lb kettlebell. Still one of the most intense moves for me at this new, slightly heavier weight. Hit failure at the end of both rounds today, but I did a lotta swings yesterday.
9. 2x Wide Squat Pulse – Turn over Left Shoulder to Wide Squat – Criss Cross Jack Turn Front (Repeat) 26lb kettlebell
10. Frog Hop in to heel click Criss Cross Jack I added a heel click in the plank too.

Part 2: 2 – 3 Minute Countdown then 10/30 3x’s
3 minutes – one side & then the other +8lb vest
(Right Side to Bench) Left Side Lunge to Left Knee Lift – Left Step Up to Bench & Right Knee Lift Down & Out to Wide Squat Jack with Overhead Pull Outside leg crosses behind in criss cross jack. After doing the side lunge, I found it flowed better for me to do a high kick w/ working leg & touch toe w/ opp hand. When leg would bend again it’d be in a good position to plant on bench.

10/30 3x’s @ 34:20
1. Right Side Plank Hip Raise (Weight is Optional) 1st rnd – 10lb weight OH on hip, since OH was too hard to balance w/ the stacked feet I like. But really it was distracting. 2nd & 3rd rnds did BW.
2. Boat Pose (hold) Left Knee Crunch In – Twist Right elbow to knee 1st rnd I did as boat crunches, both feet off floor. 2nd & 3rd rnds I planted non working leg but did full sit-ups, from back on floor, to twist.
3. Left Side Plank Hip Raise
4. Boat Pose (hold) Right Knee Crunch In – Twist Left elbow to knee
5. Buzz Saw Plank LOVE!!! I’m with Olivia on this move.

Michele’s mom is so cute! Gotta love those with loving, supportive, functional families

4 Minutes @46:30
Right Arm Overhead Snatch (hold) Reverse Lunge to Kneel Down/Up Squat Out Left & Swing over Right Shoulder – Front to weighted Jump Squat 10. Went lower than M here. I saw that it was 4min rather than 3, for one thing, lol. Still kept my HR in the 150s.

4 Minutes
Left Arm Overhead Snatch (hold) Reverse Lunge to Kneel Down/Up Squat Out Right & Swing over Left Shoulder – Front to weighted Jump Squat

10/20 3x’s M’s little f-bomb around this point was so funny!!! I know what she means when it comes to demon children, neighbor spawn… Privileged, coddled human larva are the worst. There’s a lot of ’em in Council Crest.
1. Right Arm Chair Sit Burpee
2. Left Arm Chair Sit Burpee
3. Skier Swings
4. Weighted Overhead Front Bench Lunge

Bonus: Abs 5/35 (2x’s)
1. Right Side Oblique Crunch – Pull Knees In
2. Right Side V-Up Crunch
3. Left Side Oblique Crunch – Pull Knees In
4. Left Side V-Up Crunch
5. Plank Jack – Cross Feet – Alternating Side Plank Twist
6. Reverse Table Top – Single Foot tap to floor
7. Plank (BOSU) – Knee Crunch to Same elbow then opposite elbow
8. Hyperextensions

Time 1:20. Then the only stretching I did was a quick child pose & quad stretch. I needed to get ready for lunch.


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