One down.

There’s a lot I’m pissed off about, but there are things I’m thankful for too

My fur babies

Cats are the best. Last night, Sir Henry slept on the futon in my bedroom. Lady Theodora slept in the hallway, but meowed at my door in the very early morning. I let her in and was treated to a purring snuggle fest. She throws her tiny body against my neck, giving me pointed looks when I stop petting her, from time to time. I can tell because her whiskers brush my cheek.


Casual conversations with strangers. News. Jokes. And even real time friends! How else was I going to make friends with a fellow East Coast-er, isolated by geography and finances in Podunk?

YouTube trainers

I’ve got the cheapest exercise program there is. You can wear the same sneakers for years at a time, whereas if you’re doing something like outdoor running and are regular about it, you need a new pair every six months. And if you’re training outside in Podunk you also need at least two pairs of good shoes at all times, because mud. You also need reflective clothing, a way wider range of clothes for various weather conditions… I’m still exercising in fifteen year old leggings with holes here and there. I’ve got one pair that was a free sample, from the Everlast people at Moret Group, when I worked there. It’s a size medium, as are most samples, and is worn out. It slides down my ass as I’m going. No problem!

I get to pick the restaurant today!

It’s a concession for all “the stuff”.

Blogs are for people who read

Why am I suddenly posting all kinds of personal stuff? Back in the days of Boodiba, when I took getting paid for granted and wrote a few Ashtanga blogs, I let it all hang out. It was a bit performance art, and at one point in the mid 2000s, my personal cult had a tight-knit blogging community. Seems like Facebook killed blogging. Everyone switched over to soundbites. Anyway I want to explore writing more, and see if I can get paid for it. I’ve had enough tell me they enjoyed my writing, but I don’t have a platform.

I’m not sure I want to blog about Bradley Cooper though! I want to write at least somewhat in my own style, which isn’t necessarily polite.

I’ve got a private blog going, For the Book, but none of that is ever coming out, in raw form, unless in a published book deal. New phases equal new blogs. This one will teeter on the edge, which is why I am making some posts public only for a day or so. It’s my blog. I can do whatever I want.

Black Friday

I won’t be shopping!

I just cleaned up a little bit in the bathroom, and in doing so realized I now need to get focused in the art. Since finishing a small series of window films / wall decals and scribbling for a month for Inktober, I haven’t been inspired to do any art or design, really. Next Monday I’m going to a casino with H. She’s going to use up some freebies and I’m going to do some sketches and take pictures. I’ve never been remotely interested in gambling myself. Thank Gods! I’ve got enough other vices. But I am interested in taking a look at people who like it. Why not? A random opportunity to do something I’d never, normally do cannot be passed up.

I better STFU and get on w/ my day.


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