Saturday morning musings – restaurant review

Lunch at Higgins

It was pretty good, a solid B+ IMO. I got  the Whole Pig Plate (which featured sausage, loin, ribs and one strip of bacon). The flavor was excellent. The wild rice was crunchy-chewy though! Way harder than my recent brown rice mishap. BF tried a bite & said, No, that’s undercooked.


He got the rockfish special. Said it was ok but could’ve used a bit more flavor. The cask beer he ordered at first was too flat. This is why I’d never order cask in the first place! It’s too flat for me when freshly tapped.


The wine… I’d started with a $9 glass. Sour! The $15 glass of cabernet I ordered second was delicious though. I’d probably have ordered dessert but BF waved them away. It was a bit of an expensive meal… We normally go do the “burgers at the brewpub” routine. This was supposed to be the “holiday meal“, I’d decided. Anyway the servers were warm and friendly. And I have a special place in my heart for Higgins, because it’s across the street from the building I lived, when I was newly arrived in Podunk, and still foolishly optimistic.

I’d even put on a dress!

IMG_7596 2.jpg

Beggars can’t be shoppers

Funny that the daughter mentioned she’s going shopping soon b/c it’s been “so long” since she’s bought anything other than workout clothes. This dress is probably at least 30 years old. My sister doesn’t remember this, but when she was still single & hanging out with her friend Daphne, Daphne had a rich, older friend who’d give her castoff clothes regularly. So I got this from my sister’s friend’s friend, and that was twenty years ago.

I think the tights were girls’ sized samples I got from my old job. I’m only 5’2″ and struggled mightily, never fully succeeding, to the get crotch closer than four inches away from my nethers. It wasn’t too comfortable. Anyway, ya… When the “going to India” cycle started for me, in 2005, I basically stopped shopping regularly. I’d never asked my parents for rent or even partial rent, but when I had the gall to step out of the box like that, they let me know if I ever needed any help I absolutely shouldn’t ask them. I got extra cautious. Luckily it worked out for me going back to the company I’d quit, in a freelance capacity, nearly immediately after that first trip. Each of the subsequent trips I was fairly sure I’d still have a job on my return, but it was never 100% certainty. Therefore I spent way less on presentability than I would’ve otherwise. I regret that now!

Needless to say I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping, but Chewy had some stuff on sale and the BF ordered some food for the cats, which is great. I’m not sure if the canned food on sale will be a hit with the picky Theodora, but even if she doesn’t eat it, Henry will.

Easy sleepers don’t know know lucky they are

I’m having a slow start today. The daughter was doing something in the kitchen around 12:30 that involved lots of stomping around. Woke me up out of a sound sleep and carried on long enough that falling back asleep wasn’t possible without some help. Her voice carries and so do her footsteps. Even with my door shut I can tell about where she is below. Stomp stomp stomp. Slam! (Oh, she’s in the bathroom). I finally took a tranquilizer around 1:45am.

I’ve been scolded by the BF in the past for taking the dishes out of the washer too noisily, lol. Because the kidz weren’t up yet. #peckingorder

I’d be telling my therapist all this stuff if I had one, but at present I can’t afford even the most sliding of scales. Anyway, looking on the bright side, I’ll say it’s damned lucky I can get these pills for free, from time to time, from my freelance surgeon, sig other.

So…. what to do today… Dunno. The only thing I’ve got on my list is yoga and that’s optional.






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