3 sets as medicine

Yesterday’s yoga seemed to do good things for my knees, but the left elbow was pissed. This makes sense because that area first blew up on me back in my gym rat days, when I did my abs & push-ups routine (with 90 push-ups, which back then was a lot) and then a led primary the next day. So ya, I know the vinyasa hits that weak area.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting up early for a change, to be ready to get to a casino, with a friend who’s going to cash in her freebies. I’ve never been interested in gambling or casinos, and being Podunk Poor would encourage any frivolities in that direction. I’m going for a lark, with sketching supplies and of course my (shitty) iPhone camera.

I’ll have to hope the definite psychological benefits outweigh the physical wear and tear.

I only did a small WO so that 1) I’d take a shower and 2) I could then remove my contacts and read my Kindle more easily… I won’t get to work out tomorrow. I’ll get home too late to be interested. I wanted 30 or 40 minutes of easy for today.  Didn’t stretch at all, but that’s ok as I’m forced to do yoga more regularly these days.


  1. Workout to Burn Fat & Sculpt a Tighter Body: 15 Minutes Per Round
    I could feel the right knee in most moves and the left elbow in push-ups. Great! Did easy jog, jump rope instead of high knees.
  2. Low Impact Lower Body Workout
    A nice legs burnout. I did some hopping in the push-up to squat move… but that’s it.

  3. 16 Minute Cardio Fat Burn: HIIT & Sculpt
    Almost stopped before this one but I persevered. After all, tomorrow I will be sitting on my ass all day. I was the last person to comment on the YouTube page, 3 years ago, lol. I used to comment after each WO just so I could easily see if I’d done a routine before or not. Here I did high knees. No vest. I did put on my orange Xband for the hip dips, since I’d already done a round of those, and this time added a leg lift. 


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