My cats are the first people I see every day

Up at 6am

Back when I got the temporary gig at The Office, Portlandia, I bought a compact coffeemaker with a timer, and installed it in the corner of the sink in my bathroom, next to the inexplicably only outlet. I’d set it up in the evening, before every weekday morning, to start brewing at 5:55.

Today I’m not going to sit in an office with bitter, fearful, back stabbing sabotagers though! I just have to be ready by 8 because I’m accompanying my friend on a jaunt to a casino, where she’ll use up some freebies & I will scribble in sketchbooks. I simply have to be up two hours before I interact with actual human beings. This is a rule. Caffeination takes time, after all.

I had a great sleep though, with lots of wonderfully bizarre dreams. I’d shared a bottle of surprisingly good Zinfandel with Charlie, while I ate my cheese doodles dinner. Most wines are disappointing to me, now that I can’t afford to not drink anything under the $20-25 range. I took two Zinfandel at 6pm, while reading in bed.

For 20+ years I lived in my dorm room sized studio, in New York City’s east village. The only places to relax were my $25 “student” computer chair, purchased at Kmart, or the bed. Needless to say I did all my reading in bed. And now, when I want to relax I still need to recline. Since we don’t have any proper couches downstairs (and frankly the lighting isn’t good enough for my blind ass), I spend a lot of time on that Casper on the floor.

Theodora was up early today. She pushed into the room and hopped into my bed for purring snuggles. She’ll get right up into the crook of my neck. I’d fallen back asleep again before we were both stirred by the first gurgles of my Magic Elixir Machine. When I get up early like this, I make ’em both wait until I’ve had my first cup of coffee before they get breakfast.


BOOKS: Even though a buddy of mine gave me access to a ton of classics, I wanted to read something current, that I selected via storyline rather than reputation. I’d gone through the fiction section of the NYT Best Books of 2018, and downloaded a bunch of samples. I read and discarded two of those before making my selection, and then read 63% of it in one day. Good thing my vision got too blurred to continue!

Two melatonin is the thing, when you want to knock yourself out early. Take at least 90min before you wanna be unconscious.


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