Core routine, Jamie Bryan

And I wanted to do nothing after all that sloth yesterday, but that’d be bad, so I poked around, having not earmarked anything in advance for today. Found this core WO from Jamie Bryan I’d looked at recently. Perfect! I could’ve used some more abs, maybe one of Michele’s great sets. Or stretching. But nah… I just did the one routine, no warm-up or cool-down. It’s enough for today!

I’d been missing Zuzka’s short routines, and I thought I remembered getting a $1 month offer as a promotion, but no that was just for a newsletter subscription. No thanks! Ha ha. Then I remembered I really only liked the Summer Shred series, and she’d switched off that rotation, for the season, in September.

Recollecting Julia talking about a routine saying, Why do it, if it’s not hard, right? And sure, yes I get that. But sometimes I intentionally pick something easy! It depends. I’m sure getting to be more like that as I get older! I have to work around the gimpy spots… / not burn things out too much.

And anyway the main goal for today was to get something done & out of the way before my afternoon Podunkertunity appointment.

Less of a burn than my last, express Astanga! Funny. I’ll do another of those this week.

JB core2.jpg


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