Gimpy Legs WO

Wasn’t the fault of the routine I chose! I blame the antibiotics I have to take constantly to stave off losing my front tooth, just a little bit longer. #PodunkianProblems

Unsuccessfully trying to work around the gimp

Wanted to do Astanga, but then my left elbow was aching while I was just lying in bed last night. So then I was going to repeat one of the Michele WOs I did recently where my monitor had crapped out, but it seemed like both had more than one section that’d bother my left elbow problem. So I decided to 1) smoke pot and procrastinate some more and 2) look for something different. M likes to do pretty much every routine as full body, which is a lot of fun but not ideal if you’re trying to avoid gimpy areas.

I’d like to try the yoga tomorrow. If I can’t, b/c of the elbow thing, I could rest a day and try again Friday, maybe. #sigh


Warm-up: 10/30c6=4min jump rope, easy jog.

JB complete legs.jpg

Superset 1, 3x

  1. Squat & alt curtsy. BL sandbag. And unfortunately I could really feel it in the left elbow loading and unloading. Did it anyway.
  2. Slider lateral lunge touchdown 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell. 2nd rnd – 35lb bell. 3rd rnd – 45lb bell. But I had to do it in sets of 5/5 w/ a rest in between. Other two rounds I could pass it from one hand to the other & get thru both sides. Interestingly, I could tell w/ the heaviest weight only that the right side, my dominant, is weaker right now. At least for this move.

SL Superset 2, 3x

  1. Goblet Bulgarian. x10 ea leg. 35lb kettlebell
  2. BW plyo SL box squat. x10 ea leg. power up!

Superset 3, 3x

  1. Calf raise. x20, 2x with rest in the middle. Was gonna use BL sandbag, but after I knew it was aggravating one of my 3 tweaks, Swapped that to one hand holding 45 bell, the other the 35lb. Switching bet ea half, ea round. I only reached failure in the grip strength of the hand holding the heavier bell. 2nd rnd I tried holding the sandbag w/ both hands, arms extended. Also changed from parallel feet to pigeon toes, just for variety. 3rd rnd – toes pointed out. Ugh…. supposed to be dlb failure w/ barbell but I don’t have either a barbell or heavy enough weights. I’d be here too long & HR would go right back to resting. Also I don’t have weight plates!
  2. Romanian DL 21s. 45lb kettlebell w/ 2lb wrist weights. Was gonna use the 5s but they are harder to work with. 1st rnd – stood on blocks for deficit but decided that was too much & did rnds 2 & 3 on floor.

BW Banded Tabata Pair, x1 ppl Xband

Time (with warm-up) Just under 53min. Estimated was an hour, but written with a barbell this WO is intended for much heavier weight!

Wasn’t going to stretch. Decided I should, in light of everything, and did some timed asana. In karna pidasana, I got the upper abs cramp that’s been happening lately, for the first time ever, if I do the pose without that much preliminary stretching (like an astanga practice for instance). My left foot cramped at the same damned time. Great.




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