This week started with a casino & will end in church, maybe

I’m thinking of going, back to Trinity cathedral, for the first day of Advent next Sunday. I didn’t even know what it was when I first dropped in. I loved checking out old churches in Italy. The best we’ve got in the US doesn’t come close, especially on the newer west coast, but it’d gotten my attention, when I used to walk around downtown, and through The Pearl. For one thing, I’m supposedly Episcopalian. I’d looked it up & found out they’ve got a pipe organ and a choir. I actually love choral music, and this time of year feels so Pagan, especially in gloomy & gothic Portland. I went three or four times that first winter, after showing up my first visit on the first day of Advent, 2015. Charlie and I showed up quite tipsy for a Christmas Eve thing, after going over to one of his friends’ for a dinner that got going very late, not at all before we had to leave. Therefore we’d had copious eggnog and zero food. I even put my name into the group prayer thing, online, asking for help getting a job in Podunk. Didn’t work! LOL. It was worth a try, right?

I just poked around on the website & couldn’t find the form to sign up to be prayed over. They redesigned the website & I guess erryone’s gotta pray for their own damned selves, pun intended. I haven’t been back since that first winter, post career apocalypse. It’d be a good driving practice destination, the right side of the river, and there’s parking.

So… we’re deep into rainy season

And I don’t have to go anywhere today, except to get some food. Monday I left early and didn’t get home until 7, which is a super long day for me. Yesterday I was introduced to this awesome cafe, hidden away in rural suburbia, Maplewood Coffee & Tea. It was an interview to be a part-time maid, otherwise known as a “Podunkertunity”. I’m not sure if my desired radius will negate getting picked. It was hard to get a read on that, so I added “close in southeast”. She’d asked about Beaverton or Hillsboro but I put that into “maybe later”. I would show up for this & not the last interview, because that one paid only a few dollars more an hour, and it was full time and in a crappy part of town (near the airport) requiring a crappy kind of drive. I already know I don’t want that job! I used to do those kinds of interviews anyway – thinks back to the umbrella company that reminds one of a menstrual cup, when you visit the website, Shed Rain to She Drain. Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 9.47.50 AM

Maybe they make good umbrellas! All I know is I spend two hours getting there, via public transportation from The Hill, and the interview took all of ten minutes. I don’t usually dislike a person on first sight, not unless I witness heinous behavior (say, verbal abuse of a have-not). However, the lady in charge of interviewing me… One look at her and first listen and I thought, She is an absolute NIGHTMARE. Now I don’t bother with these kinds of deals. I’ve got enough practice in nowhere situations at this point, after four years.

NYC >>> PDX, for working

Contrast to getting hired at Moret Group, in 2004. They had to wait a month and a half to meet me, because of my teacher training schedule. After they hired me, they said they’d stopped interviewing immediately, after my first interview, confident I’d be perfect. I was given a test project, but I billed for it, $325. That professional relationship lasted eleven years. I only had one, relatively short rough patch in New York, in all of my 26 years.

What else? I did an easy sort of core workout yesterday, but I did feel the side plank press-ups, using the 15s, a bit in my wonky, left elbow. Last night it ached just lying in bed. Bad sign!! And unfortunately, since it started with a combination of too many push-ups followed by Led Primary, I know Astanga hits it too.

I was thinking to maybe repeat a recent M workout, one of the times my HR monitor had crapped out on me. Lately I’ve been enjoying her kind of arrangements. As much as I’m able. This near constant thing of having to dance around a myriad of issues isn’t that inspiring. The only other thing I’ve got to do is force myself to watch even one clip of Brad Cooper in Star is Born… I’m supposed to see if I can get a draft of a puff piece out of myself. At least it won’t be that much effort. It can’t take me any longer than a blog post would, because of the pay scale.


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