Lazy rest days – at least Podunk has good beer

One of the very few things Podunk has
over the east coast is beer

Course I didn’t give a fuck about that when I was installed in my rent stabilised, Manhattan hovel. I could afford decent wine and cocktails!

Lounging around. What did I do today? I finally took the clothes out of my big suitcase, from when I was pretending I was going to load up everything I could into Marsha, cats included, and head east. Had a disappointing lunch in the deli inside John’s Marketplace, home to even more types of beer than an Indian deli in the East Village. The little dive cafe is super cheap. I guess we know why! But a jaunt around the store after was fun. We bought some more beer, of course.

Finished and sent a writing draft

The assignment was a minimum 1,000 words on “Can Bradley Cooper Really Play Guitar and Sing like in A Star is Born”. I turned in 1,037, including the title and subtitle. Even that was difficult. I haven’t seen the movie, so I had to watch a bunch of videos and skim through a bunch of reviews. I sent my draft with the comment that it’d have been much easier if I could’ve expensed gas, parking and a movie ticket. It’s only a little bit proofed. A slapdash effort would have to do for something with only potentially a $25 payout. And I wouldn’t do it regularly if they didn’t cover viewing.

If you have to pull it out of your ass, it’s probably going to be a little shitty

It’s just like Artscape, expecting divine inspiration, while being too cheap to pay for a WGSN subscription or even interior design magazines FFS. I bought a book just for the job and air quotes Senior Designer wanted to use it, after she’d lied and told me I could work on the next Morris inspired piece. And then she wouldn’t even just expense me for the book but ordered a new one for the office. Thanks, bitch! I didn’t even like her Acanthus piece all that much either. The two had decided they were so sophisticated, but Kate’s Morris piece looked like a bad sofa, and everything Saddlebag produced reminded me of 1970s wood paneling. Digression! Getting paid to deal with that crap for as long as you can ride it out is still a #podunkertunity.

Apparently the athletic site that contacted me about blogging for them wasn’t serious. Or they didn’t like what I write because they hadn’t bothered to actually look at my blog, and instead blanketed WordPress for any and all fitness bloggers. I sent my draft and confirmed it was received, after three days. Henry Miller wasn’t accepted overnight either! (That took the dedication, artistic support and money of a kept woman, lol.) I know my style isn’t as saccharine and prone to asinine numbered lists as many a generic blogger, but they contacted me.

What else? I’m having a rest day. Now I know I cannot do any back loading of my sandbag if my elbow is in an especially problematic condition. Thankfully I only did it thrice, but I decided not to even try an Astanga practice today because of the aftermath. And since my glutes are really sore from yesterday’s WO, I decided to rest. A Monday and a Thursday is sufficiently spaced for rests.

If I had a gym membership, I’d probably go get on an eliptical for 40-45 minutes and then do some abs and stretching. Maybe take a pilates class. Since I don’t I’ll do absolutely no-thing.


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