Downloading books, lying around

Watched the clip below. One person said she thinks the majority of those on the streets want to be there. Granted I haven’t been in that situation, although I’m unmarried and without any assets. I’m living with someone who’s eleven years my senior and, as he’s said on more than one occasion – already past his life span. I highly doubt she’s right, though I hope I don’t have to find out for myself.

The curse of Portland

I showed up in Podunk with a degree from one of the best art schools in the country, a solid work history, a pile of cash and a high-up connection at stupid Nike. None of this was enough to surmount the fact that I was also a woman near 50. Portland killed my career. I was urged to wait around and see. Nike’s fiscal year ends with June. I did get a couple interviews there, and then nothing. Funny enough I went to delete my profile at one point and got an error message I’ve never gotten from any other job board. Bear in mind I started applying to jobs in other places a month into the bottomless hole, which was April 2015. Basically my account got locked so firmly, the only option for me getting in was to call someone, number displayed in bold text. Fucking weird right? I decided it wasn’t that important to delete my profile.

Tent City, Podunk


I didn’t work out. Since I’m back on the antibiotics I have to take to try to keep my front tooth in my head a little bit longer, and it’s infected on a near permanent basis, and the medications make my joints tender and prone to injury… It’s fine. I’ll be on the one meal a day plan. I had one slice of pizza earlier and a salad just a few moments ago.


Spent the day downloading my freebie books. I passed on a bunch of the older authors. I’m really much more into contemporary, but you know what they say about beggars! Perhaps I’ll find one new-to-me author I really love. Or I’ll start and abandon a ton of books. Doesn’t really matter.

The Desperately Polyamorous

The speaker talks of sordid affairs couched in “progressive platitudes”. So true! I never heard the term “poly” in all my years in NYC. As I said to one passive aggressive hippie, who likes to dress up his indiscriminate lack of standards in earthy crunchy vagaries, In New York we just call that fucking around.

“Selfishness & domination described as tolerance & liberation.” Yep


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