Blog name change & plans for Saturday

I changed the name of the blog, b/c now we’re not at all politically correct, just doing the normal “conceal your true self” thing in the name of job hunting. After four years in Podunk I can confidently say it will NOT help.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 9.00.48 AM.png
From thingsaboutportlandthatsuck: I’d been doing it all wrong! 

I totally agree w/ the tip about the University of Oregon, especially if you can find an interviewer’s profile and LinkedIn. This is especially true if they’re born, bred & educated in Oregon.

Funny with the comment about the people from Wisconsin. I used to automatically get along gangbusters with people from that state, but as it turns out, only the ones who go from there to places like New York, or into Astanga. The ones who move here are different. They scrabble just a rung or two up the shabby ladder and kick viciously at anyone else approaching it.

Reading, as a mission

So… I cleared my Kindle yesterday. I’d been trying to reset it so I could post clips to Twitter, and that wasn’t working. Plus it was easier to just do a complete overhaul. I’m working on a spreadsheet of all the titles I’ve chosen to download. I will read! I can’t knock myself out for a year, but I can disappear into books.

I started with a non fiction, India: A Wounded Civilization by V. S. Naipaul. That’s a sort of compilation, where he has long explorations with specific individuals. So I’ll read that in stages. As soon as I finish the first section, which is in Bombay, I’ll start reading a novel, probably by another author I haven’t read. I googled the author last night & found out that he was an abusive husband, to his cute English wife and also to his mistress. Male creatives can be such dicks! I’m pretty sure I read something about both Tolstoy and Dickens killing their wives…

Even if I feel almost pure relief when I consider the cult of Astanga, and the fact that I successfully extricated myself, I am still very interested in India.

And I’m going to exercise today, whether it’s physically harmful or not

Back in my NYC days, a normal work day would involve a bit over 5,000 steps, without even trying. I know this from my brief flirtation with FitBits. They don’t really count the effort of a yoga practice, because it’s not the right motion, so it wasn’t really reflective of my total physical output when I was still mostly practicing yoga, but I know what my average step count was. There was the walking part of my commute, which included its share of subway steps. And I worked on the 7th floor in the fashion building, near Times Square. For awhile I was taking the stairs down and back up when getting lunch, until the nazi thug lobby guards decided it was a “safety hazard”. Here in PDX I’m entirely sedentary when I’m not working out. I’m not even sitting up most of the time, FFS. There’s nothing remotely within walking distance. I don’t drive the car downtown and pay for parking to stroll around. I’m too poor for that! I just sit here.

So…. I’d wanted to do yoga yesterday, but didn’t b/c of the left elbow thing. I think I’ll do the Julia routine I most recently started previewing later on.

And another highlight for the day? It’s the start of a new month. This means I can check out my forecast in Astrology Zone. I know it sounds ridiculous. I always jot down little notes in my planner on days it says will be auspicious. I make sure to save a leaving the house moment for those times. I did so in November, but nothing happened in terms of income. I really thought I’d pick up some pocket money with the housekeeping thing, but no.


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