Lift Like Linda #8: Athletic Cardio Pyramids

I’m going to have to use the little hand stitcher thing to shorten my chest strap. The Wahoo only comes in one size. If I’m not wearing a sports bra that is big enough to hold it in place, it wanders. It was a constant distraction today! But I had a really good workout, thank fucking gods. I really needed it.


Lift Like A Bro #8: Athletic Cardio Pyramids

Combo moves pyramids Evens 10-2 for each move before doing the next move
1. Dive bomber Kept a little shallow on the coming back part… Instinctively felt it was safer for the wonky spot + angry donkey
2. Roll backs to stand & butt squeeze 10lb weight + Bosu Bench push-up facing bench, narrow direction, hands gripping sides of it+Bosu straddle squat jumps (use bench) did this in 3 parts which I think was correct. A (+) marks the end of one move.
3. Yoga tricep push-ups + pike glute raise flip and reach (wild thing) Push-ups getting real at this point! Thankfully not hitting “the spot”. Did the 2nd part 1=1, alternating. Not sure if this was “right” or not.
4. Weighted heel clicks 2 part – click standing. Put weights on floor keeping hands on them & click from pike + hammer bicep curls 15s. Surprise! Reg bicep curls hit the spot. So I turned my hands in ½ way thru 1st set.
5. Ball squeeze Decline shoulder taps (2=1)+ slider pikes. This was like the rest move! A little clunky in my transitions between the two moves tho, b/c of the way my stuff was arranged in my small room
6. Alt Scorpion hip dips (1=1) + pushup. Reg push-ups were a bit cruel @ the end! To my surprise, I found that wide arms / reg style was sort of getting at The Spot. I switched to tricep push-ups. Still a lot of work but didn’t hit the badness.

—– Time = 45, lol! —–

Regular pyramid circuit 5-1 reps each move @ 31:30
1. Oblique plank hops + box jump hops to both sides & box jump = 1 rep
2. Power cleans and front squats 20s. Normally I lament not having a bar to try for this move, but… the only goal for today is to get some endorphins & a sweat going w/out making any injuries worse.
3. Pushup but I was fine here, w/ my hands on the weights, normal push-up width but palms mostly facing in + clean and press+ OH Rev lunge. 20s. This is harder w/ dumbbells than one weight you can do OH, I think. I normally keep the weights down, but today I tried it. Found it made it a tiny bit easier to steady things if I touched weights together OH.

Hiit 50:10 2x 6minutes (@ 41:22 in vid. I was at 1:03 & stopped for a break. Then I saw – could that be right, TEN rounds of the finisher? LOL. I think ONE for me.) This was the only set I did w/ the video as it’s timed. But I hadda change the first move since my knees hate ninjas. Sometimes it’s ok to just “roll over” the tops of my feet, in a somewhat yogic fashion, but it’s too dangerous to try anything like that right now.
1. SL box squat Ninja box jump Picked something nice and safe (for me) and low impact.
2. Handstand kick up to 3 switch lunges
3. Bear crawl box jump bear back

KB FINISHER 10(!!!) rounds. I did two, and that was somewhat reluctantly, lol. I’d kind of had enough by this point, but this set was great for using my heaviest kettlebell. I decided I’d do just this set, in the next week or so, with the full 10 rounds, as a standalone set.
1. Staggered sumo dL 10 reps ea leg 45lb. Foot on yoga block.
2. Deficit rev lunges 5/leg (hold kB in one hand) 45lb
3. Plank hop (hands on KB) 10 reps
4. Swings 10 reps 45lb

Time = 1:22


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