Christmas, dreams, what to do today

Merry Christmas!

I had some wacky dreams last night

The most memorable involved being in the same room with a gargantuan Drumpf and a swarthy, bearded, sort of West Village type sycophant, assisting the orange one in some way that was not sexual. I said something quickly, a quip, because I knew it’d make them both laugh. And then, because I’d blatantly courted their approval, a demon appeared.

I wasn’t paying attention to the two men anymore and was semi reclined, leaning my head back. I was getting a 2-handed head scratch from the nape of my neck up around to my crown. Long sharp nails. I had a vision of those talons and I knew it was a demon who was touching me, and why. I willed it away with an intense pulse of energy and intent; it was like a lightwave that emanated out from within, via aura.

And then, in the very next chapter, a seduction cemented the message!

This part I don’t remember quite as clearly, but the basics are there. I was lying on a comfortable bed, legs spread, opening myself up. No one was present at the beginning, but then a young, blond women appeared, summoned. She seemed familiar in some way. I knew who she was but didn’t know her / she was a celebrity of some sort, mid to late 20s. A bit embarrassed by my flagrant pose, I started talking as she was about to go down on me, telling her what just had happened.

That’s because you’re DREAMING!, with a “duh” tone. And then there was something along the lines of, “Well if you talk to demons“, the obvious implication was that Drumpf & his minion qualify. You’d think I’d have snapped in lucidity at some point, but if I did for a flash it’s gone now.

Was it the Nabokov? I’m at 61% already, reading it like it’s assigned. then I’ll read another chapter of the Naipaul before I select my next novel.

Let’s see if I can remember how many times I woke after dreams by matching it up with cat visits…

Henry came in first, in the middle of the night, and slept next to me for awhile. I was awake then, and when I woke the next time he got up and left for a bit. Then he came back once more… So that’s three times awake already. Then it was Theodora, definitely once but possibly twice. [4-5]

She just interrupted my writing / caffeination time for a bit of play. Likes to jump and pounce, making the most adorable, kitten murmurs. She is such a little GIRL. I can sit here a full two hours or more. There’s simply no reason to rush! But I stop and give her attention when she asks. It’s fun to just look at her. Was thinking I should get her outside today and bring a sketchbook this time. Cats are HARD. They can form impossibly shapes, where it seems their skeletal structure disappears entirely. Henry in his Buddha pose! Sometimes he looks like a half melted, 12-pound Hershey’s kiss.

Attentive observation is the key to art

I started a small panel yesterday, on the upstairs deck outside Charlie’s room. I’d painted on it before, some roses from outside. The composition was too delicate for such a small surface. That might be part of the problem – I am painting too small. For canvas, the smallest I’d do in my past life¹ would be like 16×20, but mostly 18×24. But now I’m trying to do this plein air and you need to be able to work both small and abstracted.

With my Sienna Plein Air wet media box, the panels have to fit into a little box that accommodates 8×10 or 9×12. Now of course I have a drivers license & car and could bring larger surfaces if I wanted / if I could motivate myself by anything nearby that is. I could put a towel down in the truck & put ’em back there. But I think my pomade box wouldn’t take larger than 11×14 or 12×16 max.

Yesterday’s surface is a 2″ thick box that some other painting supplies were packaged in, in the hollow back. Ch bought it for me.

OK I gotta wrap this up! On the agenda for today? A walk up to Council Crest w/ Theo. Much easier getting up the steep parts carrying her rather than Henry! She’s half the weight. Also exercise. And a couple applications. And I should do something creative for at least an hour.



¹The first phase of my fine art involvement. From high school, through college to my mid 20s. It had to end as I carved out my niche in New York City. And then later all that energy got channeled into Astanga yoga.


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