NEW FALL SPLIT 2018: Full Body & Glutes 

Yesterday was a rest day. Tried to restrain eating. There’s no doubt about it that an English Muffin diet combined with a steady IPA intake makes me fat. My brief stint of full-time got me out of that habit, and though I was not at all in a good “food neighborhood”, I lost weight immediately.

I was already totally sick of Cafe Voila, and Portland Brewing Company was always super slow, if you were there eating alone. I wasn’t remotely surprised to hear the latter decided to close their restaurant & focus on their beer (love their Imperial IPA). Charlie met me there after work one day and we both had burgers and fries, which in a brewpub is one of the most important of the “go to”s. As I said in my initial review, it made McMennamin’s seem like fine dining. Seriously their fries were subpar compared to McDonald’s. I had lunch two or three times there after, alone, and was pleasantly surprised to find their salads were much better.

Had previewed up thru Set one, yesterday. Also took a rest day. I’ve been careful and my elbow’s been better. Thought I’d do this but carefully.

Thankfully my WO felt great. Backing off from the backloading of the sandbag helped, as well as taking an extra rest & trying to avoid pissing off all the tweaks.


NEW FALL SPLIT 2018: Full Body & Glutes 

Warmup: Body weight, 30:10 1x.
1. Chair lunges
2. Walk out pushups plank hop 180
3. Plank hop box jump
4. Lateral touchdowns
5. Alt SL burpee
6. Slow Yoga tricep pushups and spider knees

Set 1: 5X banded, @5:21, ppl band, √, √, √, √, √
1. 10 hip thrusts, sandbag
2. 10 bw box squat jumps
3. 25 seated abductors (fast) This got very challenging, and much slower, 3rd rnd on!
4. 20 banded swings 1st rnd – 35lb kettlebell. 2nd rnd – changed to 45lb. MUCH more challenging! Though I might have to drop back down @ least one of the following rnds, but I didn’t. Made it thru 2-5 w/ the heavier bell.  Thought about trying to keep band on but no. I took it off immediately. Wanted to focus on form in my swings.

HIIT Tabata: 20:10 4x each move @18:35.
1. Plank tuck to DL sandbag
2. Alt kettlebell clean & press. 26lb bell. 2 oblique plank hops 2 halo slams
3. Broad jump clean and press bunny back
4. Pendulum lunges

6 Minute UPPER body/abs AMRAP  @27:18 I could keep up w/ J! I got thru 2 full rounds and then up to 4reps of the 2nd move, the front raises.
1. 8 hallow hold SSD chest press. 20s, on floor
2. 8 hammer front raises. 1st rnd – 15s. Then dropped to 13s.
3. 10 KB sumo DL 45lb +squat and press I’m really into using my kettlebells, since I don’t have the luxury of things like a barbell. But this one’s still too heavy for me to clean & press so I added two reps since I’d simplified.
4. 8 russian twist 2=1 15

Reps 3X @ 34:33. All simple moves so I just did from breakdown w/out preview. Was glad it was 3x vs 5!!! √, √, 
1. 8 bent rows SSD 20s
2. 8 Close feet stance RDL 45lb kettlebell, swinging it just a bit fwd @ the bottom
3. 20 Bosu mtn climber 2=1
4. 20 Bosu Cross mtn climber 2=1
5. 20 Bosu flutter kicks 2=1. 3rd rnd I extended arms straight behind head. Harder!

6 Minute Lower body/abs AMRAP Put the vid back on b/c wasn’t sure how 2nd move looked. @ 44:34
1. 8 deficit rev lunges (4/leg) 45lb kettlebell. Might’ve used sandbag here but decided to err on the side of caution w/ the heavy weight BL for now.
2. 8 kneeling back load thrusts. 1st rnd picked up one of the small filler bags w/ sand in it. Way too light. So I held a 35lb goblet style rnds 2 & 3. I think Ustrasana pulses would actually be more useful for me here.
3. 8 weighted step ups lunge back switches 15s

Let’s just call this the last set! LOL. Complex Kettlebell EZ bar 3x √, √,
8 Sumo squat DL 45lb kettlebell
8 Bulgarians 8/8 back load Rev lunges and knee up/leg 15s. Had decided not to BL at all this WO & had enough of step-up / knee-up from last set.
8 alt static lateral Lunge (4/leg) 45lb kettlebell. Feet turned out 1st rnd. Then as parallel as possible 2nd & 3rd rnds.

Time = 1:19

Then some yoga



















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