Coaxing oneself along with planned rewards & Meditation

Here’s a night time post. That’s three today! I need a break from The Road though. First day in and I’m already at 53%. This book was published in 2006. I was surprised! Thought it was older than that. The movie was only three years later, which is pretty rapid turnaround. I looked it up on Amazon but it’s not available for streaming, not that I would’ve been likely to rent it. I’ll already know the story, and I have to weigh even digital rentals carefully.

Monday field trip

I’m pretty sure Theodora’s baby daddy situation is a done deal, with the nearby (outside of Seattle) best Scottish Straight from 2016. I’ve got a list of books I at least have to try to check out, and I’ve never even gone inside the library I once lived close to, on 10th Avenue. This is a worthy field trip and I have the bus ticket that H gave me, the last time we met, when I was originally going to take the bus near her house to downtown.

After that I think I’ll see one of the discount movies at Living Room. #fieldtrip #itllhelpgetmethroughtheweekend

As for rentals, Pet Fooled is on the breeder’s study list. $5! That’ll be it for the month. [Oooh but I found it for free on YouTube – hooray!]

Today’s a new moon, in Sagittarius

Supposedly auspicious for me, a Piscean. We’ll see. I hadn’t been into Astrology Zone in probably more than fifteen years, but I started reading it again this past summer, while whiling away the minutes at the sublimely inefficient, doddering Artscape. I’d jot down astrological events in my planner.

Judging by the broad strokes and the feeling of the moment, when I still thought I might hang onto the spot there to the end of the year, I had a feeling that a real, valid, positive working option would be likely to arise in December or January. Despite what happened there, I’d had some feelings of optimism about better prospects around the time of the Seaside trip. Well… those have vanished. H’s talent with Podunkertunities have not developed in me. The one market survey bite I’d gotten was for the day we were leaving. Nothing has happened since then. And scouring Craig’s List again has also been fruitless.

Now that they’re charging $5 an ad, there’s less bottom feeding available.

The inward turning

  • I’d already started a chant cycle to Laksmi. Missed a day half way through. Started over immediately.
  • Meditation: I sat during the afternoon hour of Jupiter today, forty minutes in padmasana. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and I’m well versed in petitions. My goal is to sit for 22min daily, seventeen consecutive days, until the next full moon, when I’ll sit for another 40. Followed my sit with the LBRP, which is usual.
  • Ritual: Invocation of Jupiter / Sachiel, during the first evening hour of Jupiter, 7pm, close enough to the new moon at 11:20pm I’d say.

I took a rest day today, not that I really needed to. Physically I felt fine.


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