Don’t make offers to cook for jam night! #nitpicking

The entire chicken enchiladas casserole was gone in the morning! I’m unlikely to make the cooking for jam night offer again, because Charlie is relentlessly critical when he’s cleaning. It’s like he’s the only person in the world who’s ever cleaned and he’s pissed.


  1. I throw my coffee filters incorrectly into the compost bin.
  2. A cutting board was drying behind the dish rack rather than on it. (When I washed it, for the kidz, there was no room in the rack. I have trouble believing it’d have rested where I left it long enough to mold, but…)
  3. The tortillas were crumbly! Everyone clutch your pearls!!! I’d made a comment they were extra flaky and he said accusingly that you’re supposed to put a damp napkin on them & zap them in the microwave first, WHICH I HAD DONE. I swear to fucking god we had to have a bicker about the fucking tortillas. Told him I’d done the thing. When I did the thing to the second bag of them I said, See??
  4. Didn’t notice the condensation on the pantry shelf that’d happened b/c I’d put the bowl of steaming chicken breasts in there for a few minutes, to cool before shredding.

Then he brought up the way I’d broken up with him,
fall 2015,
while I was eating. So much fun!

Maryanne still comes, the person succinctly described by Charlie as “everyone knows she’s an asshole”. She’s the one who goaded me to hysterics here, in this house, not once but twice. The second time was April 4, 2018. Ever since I’ve been committed to avoiding her. When the first guest arrived, Cliff, I was already done eating, and dashed up the stairs without a second thought. She wouldn’t have been far behind!

Sometimes they carry on until 10:30 / 11, and then make noise milling around talking. Last night I swear they finished at 8:30. I was high as a kite, unable to believe I was still awake. I had four IPAs, three of them imperials. I ate the rest of the edible H gave me, a bit over two doses. And I took a Triazolam! I was still up, reading and clicking, until the time I’d expected the quiet to start.

I’ll definitely make those enchiladas again though!

This was the third time and I got them seasoned to perfection, I’d say. Was hoping to be eating some for lunch! Oh well. I’m still glad they got appreciated, even if I had to suffer some castigation in the preparation.



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